Awards & Grants

Graduate Medical Education Grant Program

The GME office awards the GME Innovative Grant and the Colligan Quality Improvement Grant annually. TheGME Innovative Grant awards up to $25,000 to faculty and  is intended to enhance education of our trainees– particularly in promoting the development of educational and/or assessment methods that optimize monitoring the progress and determining outcomes in graduate medical education.  To that end, we encourage submissions that investigate the use of Milestones in the evaluation of trainees, or ones that examine any of the profound changes occurring across graduate medical education programs including those that impact the Clinical Learning Environment. The Colligan Quality Improvement Grant has been created in honor of UVA Echols Scholar Austin Colligan, who is the late daughter of former UVA fellow Lacey Colligan, MD.  During her time as a fellow, Lacey used her background in human factors to pursue safety research and was herself a former recipient of a GME Quality Improvement grant.  This annual award of $10,000 will be given to either a faculty member or trainee to pursue a project related to either Patient Safety or Quality Improvement.

Submission Guide

1. Letters of Intent

  • It should be approximately two pages in length and put forth a) purposes, b) perspective/background, c) project description, and d) expected outcomes.
  • Letters will be reviewed by a selection committee, who will then invite full applications for superior proposals.
  • Applicants should indicate whether they are applying for the Innovation in GME grant or the Colligan Quality Improvement Grant at the beginning of their proposal.

2.    Full proposal

  • If invited to submit, full proposal  should  elaborate on items listed on the letters of intent along with  method of evaluation, personnel needs and budget. A template for budget justification will be provided by the GME office.

3. Outcome report

  • All the recipients of the GME grants are expected to present at the GME Research Symposium, which is generally scheduled early spring

August  – Call for Letters of Intent
September  – Letters of Intent Due
October – Invitations for full proposal
November  – Full Proposal Due
December  – Notification of decision
Feel free to contact GME office if you have any questions. Please submit letters of intent to Sarah Oh in the Graduate Medical Education Office.

Mulholland Award

Each year we acknowledge the educational contribution of our Housestaff by providing teaching awards for residents and fellows.  These awards are a very important part of our effort to enhance the quality of our training programs and to recognize excellence in our trainees.

Traditionally, the award process has been initiated by nominations from students.  The Mulholland Society polls the 3rd and 4th year classes for names of housesaff who have been outstanding teachers or have been particularly helpful to them in their development as clinicians.


January – Nominations due
February – Portfolios due
April and May – Awards presented

Master Educator Award

The purpose of the Master Educator Award is to recognize and reward faculty who have provided major contributions to Graduate Medical Education (GME) at the University of Virginia.

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