Housing For Incoming Housestaff

For Rent:


735 Walker Square

801 Walker Square


Fifeville Neighborhood

Reserve at Belvedere (July-September)

801 Walker Square (Only available until 6/1/2021)

730 Walker Square


1111 St. Charles Court

1575 Old Ballard Rd

139 Burnet St


2384 Ravenswood Ct (Looking for Roommate)

1542 Primrose Lane

102B Longwood Drive

100 Sunset Avenue



To post a listing

Create a one page PDF flier, preferable with images and rental details. Email your PDF to kjf2va@virginia.edu.

This service is for UVa employees only

Any ads received from a non-virginia.edu email address or that do not conform to the 1 page/pdf requirements will not be posted. We will only accept listings for individual houses, apartments, townhouses, and condos–no general ads for apartment complexes, builders or realtors. If you have a listing here, please contact the above email address once your place has been sold/rented so your listing can be removed from this page.


The housing information provided on this website is to be of assistance to incoming Housestaff and is independent of the GME office. The GME Office is not a real estate agency and we do not endorse any of the listings. If you have any concerns with a listing, please contact the Fair Housing Act at http://www.hud.gov/offices/fheo/FHLaws/yourrights.html