New Innovations Transition to SSO

New Innovations will soon be using your UVA Computing account to login. Prior to this, coordinators should verify all active New Innovation accounts for your department to ensure the transfer of these accounts happen accordingly. MUST BE COMPLETED BY December 15th

To verify active accounts in New Innovations, you will need to run a Custom Report. To do this:

  1. Click on More at the top of the page in NI
  2. Select Custom Reports
  3. Click New
  4. Name your report and select Login/Login History for Personnel from the prebuilt sources list
  5. Click Save and Edit Columns
    • See below on how to check if a Primary Email Address is listed for all your Users
  6. Click Generate Report
    • You can generate the report to either an Excel File or your Web Browser
    • After the report has been generated and sort by the Last Login Date. If the account has not been logged in to since July 1, 2020, it will be deactivated UNLESS you alert us to maintain it. Email Ranithra Chelliah a list of those names with their UVA Health Email Address.

Checking Primary Email Addresses

  1. On the Edit Report Columns page, click New
  2. Look for Person’s Primary E-Mail Address, check the box next to it, and click Add/Remove Custom Columns at the bottom
  3. Click Generate Report

If the Primary email address is not listed for a user that needs NI access, please go to their Personnel Record under the Personnel tab, and add it under the Email Addresses section.

It needs to be their UVA health email address in the following format:

For any questions, please email Ranithra Chelliah at