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The School of Medicine’s Office of Grants and Contracts (SOM OGC), under the direction of the Assistant Dean for Research Administration, provides assistance to faculty and research administrators to obtain and manage sponsored awards that support the scientific research, clinical studies, and other scholarly activities of the School of Medicine’s research faculty and professional research staff. SOM OGC is charged with reviewing and approving proposals and contractual research agreements for sponsored projects funded by federal and state agencies, foundations, and other public and private sources. The SOM OGC mission also includes working with faculty and research administrators to monitor and report on funds received from outside sponsors and providing general guidance on the proper stewardship of those funds.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide excellent administrative support to investigators and their administrative staff in the pursuit of scientific research and other scholarly activities, while ensuring that all sponsored research proposals and awards for the School of Medicine are prepared and monitored in accordance with all federal, state, institutional, and sponsor policies and procedures.