The Scholars in Health Disparities Program

For students wishing to enhance their medical education by doing focused research and scholarship on healthcare as it pertains to rural, underserved or disadvantaged populations, the Scholars in Health Disparities Program is available.

Health Disparities Program is available.  Two primary program options are available depending upon how a student wishes to tailor their educational experiences, although the program has enough flexibility to allow further individual modification of program components as needed.  All program options contain experiences above and beyond what a student would normally obtain in medical school and these may include:

  • One on one mentoring by a generalist physician
  • Enhancement of curriculum by didactic and field placement experiences
  • The opportunity to pursue focused research and scholarship under the supervision of faculty dedicated to reducing disparities in healthcare
  • The acquisition of a Master degree in public health

For example, if a student believes that upon graduation from medical school she/he will pursue a generalist residency placement followed by a career as a generalist physician (with generalist medicine being defined as family medicine, general internal medicine or general pediatrics) one option is to apply to the Generalist Scholars in Health Disparities Program (GSHD).  Prospective GSHD students should apply to the Generalist Scholars Program.  In addition to the regular requirements of the GSP, GSHD students will pursue the combined MD-MPH degree with a concentration in health disparities.

Additionally, one does not have to be committed to pursuing a generalist medical career to be a Scholar in Health Disparities.  Such students should apply to the MD-MPH program.

For further information please contact:

M. Norman Oliver, M.D., M.A.
Associate ProfessorDepartments of Family Medicine,
Public Health Sciences and Anthropology;
Director, UVa Center on Health Disparities
434.924.1867 (ph)