Reward and Recognition


Welcome School of Medicine Team Members

On behalf of SOM Human Resources, we are pleased to announce that all SOM staff are now part of the Uteam Rewards & Recognition Program. Uteam values the contributions you make every day to achieve the Health System goals. This new, expanded program includes three components: Urewards, ThankU, and Ulife.

Awards and Rewards

Recognition and appreciation are just a piece of the total rewards offered to UVA Health System team members. Our new and improved recognition programs are designed to reward you for your contributions.

+ Earn and exchange Urewards points cards for bigger + better merchandise online
+ Nominate team members for the Uteam Members of the Month award
+ Nominate an Administrator for SOM Administrator of the Year
+ Live our Core Values and be rewarded as an Outstanding Contributor
+ Earn Service Awards to recognize your loyalty to UVA



We’re proud you’re a part of our team. Discover the bigger + better ways we celebrate you.

+ Salute our industry during UVA Health System Week
+ Celebrate yearly accomplishments during our End of Year Celebration
+ Recognize your contributions throughout the year with Quarterly Appreciations
+ Retirement Celebrations honor your commitment
+ Enjoy time with your team members at President Sullivan’s Pancake Breakfast


Work Life Balance

Your overall health and well-being is important to us. As a member of Uteam, take advantage of the valuable resources available to you and your family.

+ Access many diverse Wellness resources
+ Boost your work/life balance with Family Support programs
+ Use Perks + Discounts to save you time and money
+ Make a difference with Community Involvement + Giving


To learn more about the programs and to recognize and reward you for all you do, please

click on each picture above or visit the website: