Clinical and Research Faculty

ID Clinical and Research Faculty

Faculty members with diverse clinical and research backgrounds contribute to the UVA Division of Infectious Diseases & International Health.

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The Division’s distinguished emeritus faculty members are listed at the bottom of this page.


Mayuresh Abhyankar

Abhyankar, Mayuresh M

Amebiasis vaccine development; biomarkers of Clostridium difficile disease severity

Christopher Arnold

Arnold, Christopher J

Endocarditis, Blood stream infections

Stacey Burgess

Burgess, Stacey L.

Understanding how exposures in the intestine can influence the broader immune system.

Matthew Crawford

Crawford, Matthew A.

Mechanisms of antimicrobial action and microbial strategies of resistance.

Rebecca Dillingham

Dillingham, Rebecca Anne

Multi-level intervention design and evaluation to support better integrated care and improved outcomes for people living with HIV, Hepatitis C and substance use disorder.

Gerald Donowitz

Donowitz, Gerald R.

Infections in the Compromised Host

Joshua Eby

Eby, Joshua C.

Pathogenesis of Bordetella pertussis infection. Interaction of bacterial protein toxins with host target cells. Clinical diagnostics for adult and pediatric pertussis.

Carol Gilchrist

Gilchrist, Carol

Identification of Parasite Virulence Factors

Richard Guerrant

Guerrant, Richard L.

Recognition, diagnosis, pathogenesis, impact, treatment and prevention of enteric infections; global health and tropical infectious diseases

Heather Hall

Hall, Heather Cox

Antimicrobial stewardship; therapy and outcomes related to infection with multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae.

Scott Heysell

Heysell, Scott Kirkland

Multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB); pharmacokinetics; clinical application of diagnostics for TB; clinical trials to optimize TB treatment; chronic illness/ TB integration

John Hogan

Hogan, John

Infectious Disease

Eric Houpt

Houpt, Eric Robert

Molecular diagnostics, Tuberculosis, Global Health

Molly Hughes

Hughes, Molly A.

Biodefense and emerging pathogens

Patrick Jackson

Jackson, Patrick E.

HIV virology

No Photo Available

Kosek, Margaret N.

Infectious Diseases

Jie Liu

Liu, Jie

Molecular diagnostics and epidemiology

Gregory Madden

Madden, Gregory R.

Using immune biomarkers to predict outcomes of C. difficile infection

Barbara Mann

Mann, Barbara J.

Pathogenicity of Francisella tularensis and vaccines

Chelsea Marie

Marie, Chelsea

Human intestinal parasitology

Amy Mathers

Mathers, Amy J.

Molecular epidemiology of multidrug resistant gram negative bacilli, laboratory detection of gram negative antibiotic resistance, prevention of acquisition of resistant bacterial pathogens and treatment of multi-drug resistant gram negative bacteria.

Joann McDermid

McDermid, Joann M.

Nutrition and major global infectious diseases; HIV/AIDS; tuberculosis and other respiratory infections; Cryptosporidium and enteric infections

Kathleen McManus

McManus, Kathleen

HIV & HIV Prevention: Identifying health policies that will help the United States to end the HIV epidemic

Shannon Moonah

Moonah, Shannon N.

Host-pathogen interactions; molecular parasitology; mucosal inflammation; immunopathology and repair. Our research interests evolved from studying a parasite that causes inflammation of the gut, similar to IBD.

Christopher Moore

Moore, Christopher C.

Sepsis pathophysiology with particular interest in the role of the innate immune system; sepsis pathophysiology, management, and outcomes of HIV infected patients in sub-Saharan Africa.

Carlene Muto

Muto, Carlene A.

Infectious diseases and hospital epidemiology

William Petri

Petri, William A.

Immune mechanisms of defense against COVID-19 and enteric (diarrheal) infections

James Platts-Mills

Platts-Mills, James A

Enteric diseases, molecular diagnostics and infectious disease epidemiology.

Girija Ramakrishnan

Ramakrishnan, Girija

Microbial Pathogenesis

Jae Hyun Shin

Shin, Jae Hyun

Clostridium difficile infection, infection in aged host, microbiome-immune response interactions, innate immune response

Costi Sifri

Sifri, Costi D.

Hospital epidemiology, immunocompromised infectious diseases, molecular pathogenesis and epidemiology, innate immunity

Mami Taniuchi

Taniuchi, Mami

Molecular diagnostics; Polio eradication; tracking immunity and virus shedding after oral polio vaccination in resource-challenged countries.

Tania Thomas

Thomas, Tania A

Pediatric tuberculosis: epidemiology and biomarkers for diagnosis/prognosis

Gregory Townsend

Townsend, Gregory C.

Sepsis and meningitis

Cirle Warren

Warren, Cirle A.

Prevention and treatment of C. difficile infection. Role of microbiota in health and disease. Infections in special populations- elderly, pregnant women and racial/ethnic minority groups.

Brian Wispelwey

Wispelwey, Brian

AIDS, Immunocompromised host, CNS infections

Pablo Peñataro Yori

Peñataro Yori, Pablo

Epidemiology, microbiology and immunology of enteric pathogens.


Emeritus faculty:

Jack Gwaltney

Gwaltney, Jack M.

Pathogenesis and treatment of viral upper respiratory infections


Frederick Hayden

Hayden, Frederick G.

Antiviral agents for the prevention and treatment of respiratory viral infections

Erik Hewlett

Hewlett, Erik L.

Structure and Function of Bacterial Toxins: Roles in Microbial Pathogenesis and Uses in Biomedical Research

Paul Hoffman

Hoffman, Paul S.

Molecular mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis and antibiotic development

Gerald Mandell

Mandell, Gerald L.

Biology of phagocytic cells with emphasis on neutrophils and microbial interactions.

Richard Pearson

Pearson, Richard D.

Leishmaniasis, immunoparasitology

Michael Rein

Rein, Michael F.

Sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases

W. Scheld

Scheld, W. Michael

Molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis, sepsis/septic shock, adenosine receptors, inflammation, innate immunity, anthrax, vaccines