Meet the Chief

William A. Petri Jr., MD, PhD


Bill Petri, MD

Bill Petri is the Wade Hampton Frost Professor of Medicine at the UVA School of Medicine, with secondary appointments in the departments of microbiology and pathology. Dr. Petri completed his residency in internal medicine at Case Western Reserve University, and a fellowship in infectious diseases at UVA, where he also obtained his MD and a PhD in microbiology.Dr. Petri studies enteric infections and their consequences in children in the developing world. His research lab at UVA focuses on molecular parasitology, host defense and Clostridium difficile, complemented by field studies in Bangladesh on human immune response to Entamoeba histolytica and strain-associated differences in E. histolytica virulence.

Dr. Petri grew up in Washington, D.C., and McLean, Virginia; his sisters Michelle A. Petri and Lisa Petri Henski are also academic physicians, and his brother Steve is an assistant U.S. attorney in Florida. Dr. Petri and his wife Mary Ann have five children; in his spare time he enjoys playing trombone and battles the neighborhood deer while trying to raise a garden.