2014-15 HIV Lecture Series Schedule (archive)

HIV lecture series:
Thursdays, 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm
Carter-Harrison Building, Room 2501

HIV case conferences are held six times per year, Thursdays at noon. Each ID clinical fellow is assigned one HIV case conference per year; they present difficult management cases from the inpatient HIV consultation service or from their HIV continuity clinic. The conference is conducted as a round-table discussion.

Schedule for 2014-2015:

7/3/2014 HIV Basics of HAART Brian Wispelwey
7/10/2014 HIV HIV Pathophysiology Greg Townsend
7/17/2014 HIV Neuropsych Jason Freeman
7/24/2014 Transplant Antifungals Brian Wispelwey
7/31/2014 HIV CC HIV Case Conference Shannon Moonah
8/7/2014 HIV Psych Updates Karen Ingersoll, Posy Marzani
8/14/2014 Transplant Febrile Neutropenia Gerald Donowitz
8/21/2014 HIV Fungal Infections Scott Heysell
8/28/2014 Transplant Transplant Pharmacy Winston Ally
9/4/2014 HIV Intro to ART Lindsey Buscemi
9/11/2014 HIV CC HIV Case Conference James Platts-Mills
9/18/2014 HIV Oncology Dean Kedes
9/25/2014 Transplant Intro to Transplant ID Costi Sifri
10/2/2014 HIV ART interactions Lindsey Buscemi
10/9/2014 ID Week
10/16/2014 HIV Endocrinology Jen Kirby
10/23/2014 Transplant Fungal and Viral Infections in Neutropenic Hosts Gerald Donowitz
10/30/2014 HIV CC HIV Case Conference Patrick Jackson
11/6/2014 HIV Neuropsych Posy Marzani
11/13/2014 Transplant CVID Larry Borish
11/20/2014 HIV Hematology John Densmore
11/27/2014 HOLIDAY
12/4/2014 HIV Tuberculosis in HIV Scott Heysell
12/11/2014 Transplant Stem Cell Transplant Tamila Kindwall-Keller
12/18/2014 HIV PCP Greg Townsend
12/25/2014 HOLIDAY
1/1/2015 HOLIDAY
1/8/2015 HIV CC HIV Case Conference Ashley Chaplin
1/15/2015 HIV Enteric Protozoa Greg Townsend
1/22/2015 HIV
1/29/2015 Transplant Liver Transplant Nicolas Intagliata
2/5/2015 HIV Primary Care in HIV Greg Townsend
2/12/2015 HIV Syphilis Cases Michael Rein
2/19/2015 HIV Cardiology
2/26/2015 Transplant CMV in Transplant Costi Sifri
3/5/2015 HIV HSV/VZV in HIV Greg Townsend
3/19/2015 HIV
3/26/2015 Transplant GI Infections Post-Transplant Chris Moore
4/2/2015 HIV Hepatitis B and C Co-Infection Becca Dillingham
4/16/2015 HIV OB/GYN Mike Moxley and Yvonne Newberry
4/23/2015 Transplant Pulmonary Infections Post-Transplant Chris Moore
4/30/2015 HIV CC HIV Case Conference Kate McManus
5/7/2015 HIV Toxoplasmosis Becca Dillingham
5/21/2015 HIV CNS Opportunistic Infections Mike Scheld
5/28/2015 Transplant Transplant ID Board Review Costi Sifri
6/4/2015 HIV
6/11/2015 HIV CC HIV Case Conference Kirsten Schutte
6/18/2015 HIV Dermatology Kenny Greer
6/25/2015 Transplant HIV/MAC Scott Heysell