ID and Global Biothreats Seminar

ID and Global Biothreats Seminar

Day: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month
4:00 – 5:00 pm — presentation
Place: Pinn Hall Room 1014 or by Zoom


Speakers (Affiliation)
Virtual or Hybrid
Sept 20thSteve Morrison
Global Health Policy Center
“Where are We at in Year 3 of the Pandemic? CDC Reform, Zero-Covid China, Monkey Pox, and Next Generation Technology”Alison Criss and Kate McManusHybrid
Oct 25thMarcos Pires
“Measurement of Accessibility of Molecule to and Beyond Bacterial Cell Surfaces"Hybrid
Nov 29thPaul Blair
Johns Hopkins Medical Center
“Severe infections and the 2022 Ebola outbreak in Uganda"Margaret KosekHybrid
Dec 13thAmmar Zafar
Wake Forest University
"Klebsiella pneumoniae: Slaying it Quietly in the Gut"Alison CrissHybrid
Jan 9thID Research Day
Rita Tamayo
"Generating phenotypic heterogeneity through phase variation in Clostridioides difficile"
Jan 24th
Monica Mugnier
Johns Hopkins
"Exploring Trypanosoma brucei antigenic variation in high resolution"Sarah Ewald and Nadia Holness
Feb 7thStellah Mpagama
Kibong'oto Infectious Diseases Hospital
"Post-Tuberculosis Lung Disease"Scott HeysellHybrid
Feb 28thLydia Barakat
Yale School of Medicine
"Ending the HIV Epidemic: The Key Pillar of Workforce Development"Kate McManusHybrid
Apr 25thRobin Colgrove
Harvard Medical School
"From HIV to SARS-CoV: Parallels and Contrasts between the Pandemics"Anna CliffeHybrid
May 9thPranay Sinha
Boston University
"Meals as medicines: transcending the biomedical discourse to end TB"Scott HeysellHybrid
May 23rd, 12:00 pmJudi Allen
University of Manchester
"Type 2 immunity and the extra-cellular matrix: learning from helminths”Bill PetriHybrid
May 23rd, 4:00 pmAsher Schranz
"'It eats my heart': Improving Care for People with Injection Drug-Related Endocarditis"Kate McManusVirtual


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