Map & Directions

Pre-Interview Dinner

SUNDAY Evening
The Local, 824 Hinton Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22902, 434-984-9749  (VIEW MAP)

Junction, 421 Monticello Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22902, 434-465-6131 (VIEW MAP)

Parking Information

Please park in the 11th Street Parking Garage, Levels D through G, only (VIEW MAP). We will hand out parking validation tickets for this garage (we are not able to reimburse for parking in any other garage).

Please DO NOT park in the garage directly across the street from the hospital (Lee Street Garage); this garage is for patient parking ONLY and if you park there you will receive a $45 citation upon exiting.

Getting Around UVA Grounds

From Levels D-G of the 11th Street Garage, take the elevators or stairs to level C. Once on Level C, take the enclosed walkway towards University Hospital to Lee Street Garage. This walkway takes you to Level C of the Lee Street Garage. Once in the Lee Street Garage, take the elevators or stairs to Level A. Once on Level A, enter the parking area of the garage through the power-assisted glass doors and take the open-air walkway towards the main hospital. Once across the walkway, take the spiral staircase to your left to the ground floor and enter the door to your left. Once inside, take the hallway to your right which will bring you to the University Hospital lobby.