Dr. Abraham

The culture here at UVA has created an environment where it is easy to learn and fun to work.

Sumner Abraham, MD

Sumner Abraham, MD, PGY-3

“Charlottesville Magnets”, “UVA’s Sticky Sidewalks”, and “Rotunda Fever” are all terms thrown around to describe the inertia that pulls at you once you’ve been to UVA. I felt this tug almost immediately when I pulled into town for my interview. As a native Mississippian, I like to think of UVA and Charlottesville as a “Velvet Ditch”- you roll in, it’s comfortable, and you don’t care much about getting out.

When you arrive at UVA there are a few things you will notice right off the bat: it is clinically rigorous without compromising on resident education, the atmosphere is both friendly and hospitable, there are innumerable opportunities for research, and there is a palpable collegiality that is unmatched on the interview trail. The esprit de corps is a fundamental fiber of the program. There is a nucleus of exceptional patient care that is parlayed with a robust tradition of academic excellence. The attendings are exceptional educators, but they are even better people. You will not meet a more engaged, kind, and approachable group while interviewing.

As an intern, there is a healthy sense of independence that allows one to establish a sense of authentic confidence while adjusting to being a doctor. Additionally, my intern year showed me that the esprit de corps in our program breeds both boldness and humility amongst the residents, faculty and staff. The culture here has created an environment where it is easy to learn and fun to work.

Everyone at UVA takes great pride in their work and is committed to excellence inside and outside the hospital. All of the residents love getting together at the breweries, wineries, concerts at the Pavilion, Friday’s After Five, or hiking near and along the Appalachian Trail. I can’t imagine a more diverse and fun group of people to work with. UVA is truly a special place. I could not be more thankful for where I am training, who I have the opportunity to work with, and the city I am able to call home.