Dr. Cook

I knew immediately I could make a home in Charlottesville.

David Cook, MD

David Cook, MD, PGY-2

When I started my search for a residency program, there were two basic criteria I considered.  I knew I wanted to train at an academic program with a good track record of training well-rounded physicians who were prepared for fellowship. No matter what branch of internal medicine one chooses to pursue, the best physicians are those who are first great generalists. UVA certainly holds up to this criterion.  You can see direct evidence of this by the long list of institutions the IM graduates secure for fellowship and hospitalist/outpatient internal medicine employment after training.  UVA trained physicians have a reputation of being hard working, intelligent, and easy to work with.  My fellow residents and faculty members have been very helpful on a daily basis during my transition to a new role as resident physician.

While everything above involves important questions to ask when considering a residency program, my second criterion was equally important but more difficult to quantify. I wanted to train at a program with a group of people who could become some of my best friends and support network over the next three years and beyond.  My advisors and residents at my home program advised me to find a place where the residents were happy.  I soon found this is very difficult to judge during an interview day and pre-interview dinner; lots of residents at places I interviewed seemed happy enough. However, at UVA, I was truly welcomed by everyone I interacted with throughout the day.  I knew immediately I could make a home in Charlottesville.  This general spirit has continued through present day as the residents and faculty are some of the most supportive people I have worked with during my medical training to date.

Having now lived in Charlottesville for two months, I can honestly say there is no other place I would rather be for my residency training.  While clinical responsibilities have certainly kept me busy, I have had plenty of time to branch out and experience some of what Charlottesville has to offer. The sheer number and quality of local restaurants, vineyards, and breweries is impressive and offers something for everyone.  The nearby hiking is fantastic and there are a variety of trails for all levels of experience. When you add in the fact that everything is a short walk or car ride away, Charlottesville has quickly become a favorite of friends and family that have come to visit. The overall welcoming spirit of the residency program certainly extends to the rest of the community in Charlottesville.  My wife and I have met many of our neighbors and other locals at events around town over the past months and look forward to good times to come.