Dr. Odackal

UVA has provided everything I was searching for in a residency program, and much more.

John Odackal, MD

John Odackal, MD, PGY-3

As a 4th year medical student, I was interested in UVA because the program matches residents into competitive fellowships, emphasizes resident education, and has abundant research opportunities. The UVA medical students and residents I spoke with prior to my interview universally loved UVA’s resident-centered academic program. Based on the information I read and heard about UVA, I was extremely excited when offered an interview.

For my pre-interview dinner, one of the PGY3 residents, and his wife, drove me to a local restaurant. During an off-the-cuff tour of Charlottesville, they openly and honestly shared their perspectives on life at UVA and in Charlottesville. From our conversation, I learned that Charlottesville has a fantastic array of restaurants, wineries, and outdoor activities to enjoy when outside the hospital. Throughout the dinner, I had many more candid conversations with residents with a wide range of academic interests. From residents interested in primary care and global health, I learned that UVA residents manage a socioeconomically and ethnically diverse patient population in both inpatient and outpatient settings. From those interested in academic medicine, I learned that UVA’s faculty is incredibly supportive of residents’ growth as scientists and educators.

During my interview day, I was impressed by the engagement of faculty in resident education. Faculty give patient-specific lectures daily during rounds and specialists facilitate resident didactic sessions 1-2 times a day. During the didactic session I attended, I was awed by the fund of knowledge resident participants displayed when cold-called to answer questions. At the end of my interview day, I understood that UVA offers excellent clinical training and facilitates achieving highly personalized career goals. Now into my final year of residency, I know this to be true, and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to train here with an amazing group of residents and faculty. UVA has provided everything I was searching for in a residency program, and much more. (See John’s description of his experience in the Clinical Investigator track.)