Dr. Peters

I felt at home and knew I would enjoy working alongside such an engaging, down-to-earth, and fun group.

Anthony Peters, MD

Anthony Peters, MD, Class of 2018

As a fourth year student, despite having a good idea of what I was looking for – a challenging and collegial academic program – I wanted to see as many programs and cities as I could. As a result, the interview trail consisted of quite a road trip up and down the East Coast, along with the occasional flight. Being from North Carolina and having spent time in the Northeast previously, I was excited to visit UVA – a nearby program with excellent clinical training, opportunities to pursue substantial research projects, and top-notch subspecialty exposure. Soon after sitting down with the residents for dinner, I felt at home and knew I would enjoy working alongside such an engaging, down-to-earth, and fun group. The following day, I was again struck by how much the residents seemed to enjoy working with each other. It was clear that the residents were deeply invested in learning from each other and willing to help each other to provide the best care for patients. I was also impressed by the drive to innovate and improve the program as evidenced by recent changes and specific plans for the future. I was sold, and knew this was the environment in which I wanted to train as a resident.

My first months as a new intern were a whirlwind as I think they are for most interns around the country. As I began to learn the basics (i.e., responding when someone says Dr. Peters, instead of looking for my older sister), I began to really enjoy the daily work! Striking a balance between enabling interns to take on responsibility and providing appropriate guidance is quite a challenge, but I think UVA does it as well as any program in the country – balancing robust clinical volume and variety with in-depth teaching on the wards and conferences. My attendings have been extremely approachable and motivated to teach based on their extensive clinical and research experience. The residents have insight into any clinical issue that arises and were eager to guide me as the primary decision-maker for my patients. Every day, I have been impressed by my fellow residents, who are awesome and make the workday fun!

Outside the hospital, I’ve loved getting the chance to explore Charlottesville with them. Even in early intern year, we found time to eat at some fantastic restaurants on the downtown mall, visit breweries and vineyards all around the city, and hike in the Shenandoah National Park. Within minutes of leaving the hospital, we can be hiking or biking in the mountains outside the city or downtown for drinks and music at the Pavilion. Charlottesville has so much to offer, along with the ease and affordability that residents need. I feel very fortunate to have landed at UVA and am continuing to enjoy life in the residency program and in Charlottesville!