Dr. Solanki

The volume of patients and learning opportunities abound, but the support you’ll receive from your co-residents is incredible.

Jigna Solanki, MD

Jigna Solanki, MD, PGY-3

Having spent four years at UVA for medical school, I was already familiar with the IM department, from the fantastic lecturers during the pre-clinical years to the incredible role models and mentors I found as a third- and fourth-year student. The same attendings who patiently listened to my presentations on the clerkships were renowned clinicians whose names are always on a “Best Physicians…” list or headlining breakthrough research. The content of conferences, morning reports, lectures, and grand rounds were both impressive and intellectually stimulating.

But the highlight of this program that I knew from my days as a medical student is the fantastic group of residents. Something that struck me from the beginning was how smart yet humble they are. That courtesy extended to the students as well, whether it was always finding time to teach or generously offering residency or career advice. Besides coming up with the most intelligent answers at conferences, they’re also an incredibly fun and social bunch! It’s no wonder they consistently win our medical school’s award for best department in the hospital. And now, I could not be more proud to among this inspiring group of residents!

Outside the hospital, Charlottesville is truly a hidden gem, tucked away in the mountains. Even though I’ve been here for years now, there is still so much to experience. From the vineyards and breweries to festivals and farmer’s markets – it’s a food lover’s paradise, on a budget. For a small town, we get a good mix of musical talents that pass through. There are also many options for spending that one day off you may end up with in the middle of the week, like hiking to waterfalls, people-watching on the downtown mall, trivia, or lounging by the pool and running into one of your resident neighbors. If you really miss the big city though, Richmond is an hour’s drive away and D.C. is only two! Still, Charlottesville is the coziest place to call home.

Being an intern can be terrifying, but I could not imagine having done this anywhere but here. The volume of patients and learning opportunities abound, but the support I received every day from my upper levels or co-interns was incredible. Things like “intern appreciation day”, or food brought in for the teams, or an upper-level writing a few notes – that’s what makes residency not only tolerable but actually fun! I found that no other program matched up to what UVA had to offer, and so the decision to stay was easy.