lymphocyte-front-imageThe Lymphocyte Culture Center (LCC), constructs lymphocyte-myeloma hybridomas for production of monoclonal antibodies using current technology and methods backed by many years of experience.  The Center provides:

  • Production and selection of hybridomas
  • Production and purification of antibodies produced in mammalian and E. coli cells
  • Antibody hydridoma sequencing
  • Variable gene cloning (VH/VL)
  • Construction of antibody fragment antibody (scFv, Fab)
  • Antibody chimerization
  • Antibody humanization and affinity maturation
  • Modification of multivalent antibodies format ( bispecific, IgG  and fragment format )
  • Custom culture and scalable production
  • Consultation on antibody services  and technology
  • Cryostorage of hybridomas for future use
  • Production simplified by approved animal experimentation protocols
  • Hands off production for investigators
  • Expertise on use of monoclonal antibodies

The Lymphocyte Culture Center is a research core in the School of Medicine and is a core facility for the University of Virginia Cancer Center.  Our services are available to all investigators at the University of Virginia as well as research institutions and biomedical companies outside the University community.  Other institutions recognize the expertise of the University of Virginia Lymphocyte Culture Center and ask for consultation on the operation and establishment of similar facilities.

Letter to Investigators

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: All investigators are asked to acknowledge the Lymphocyte Culture Center in any publications citing hybridomas created or antibodies produced by our facility.  The Lymphocyte Culture Center is supported by the University of Virginia School of Medicine.