Release notes 4/22/2019

April 22, 2019 by

Based on feedback from our first week of the student pilot, as well as some of our internal testing, the following changes were made last week:


  • Improved the look for calendars, icons, and the menu
  • Calendar/ homepage / dashboard loads without needing to refresh
  • Added the location to calendars and lists
  • Pre-class preparation bug fixed
  • iCAL link added to course schedule calendar (highly experimental)
  • Improved the pilot toggle text
  • Practice exams fixed to display only exams for enrolled student
  • Upcoming exams have been reordered
  • Direct links to exams should no longer give multiple session error
  • After completing bug information, students link back to
  • UPG & Email links on blog page have been corrected


  • Course schedule portal card reflects instructor’s teaching schedule


  • Settings link added back to layout
  • Date/time issuance added to authentication token

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