Release notes 4/29/2019

April 29, 2019 by


  • The course schedule block on home page as well as the course schedule page both will see improved loading times which will prevent the blank block when logging in.
  • On the MBB course page, the location now available for the session is now listed
  • Fixed webcal/iCAL for subscribing to course calendar so that you can now have updates automatically appear in your Outlook, Google, or iCalendar once you have subscribed.
  • The Online Testing information now accurately reflects open, upcoming, and practice exams
  • The correct content should appear for the MBB and SIM sessions. Improvements for FCM should occur soon.
  • Clicking on direct link to practice or open exams should no longer give session error.
  • You can now download the course content information to a Word document.
  • The order of the sessions has been changed so that they are ascending order within date.


  • New “all open exams” card to show currently open exams.
  • New “exam stats” card (experimental) to show the exam status of the latest open exam.

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