Week 3 Student Pilot Results

May 7, 2019 by kjh7a@virginia.edu

College Cup

The Kentucky Derby might have been a tight race, but this competition is very tight! Currently, Dunglison is beating Reed by 1 point: 478 to 477. Remember, you can participate in the survey this week and significantly change the results. The survey, which is worth 5 points, can be taken by each student once. The charts below show both the cumulative points as well as the logins per week.

Bug Bounty Hunters

To date, a total of 87 bugs have been reported by 29 different students. Hopefully by now, you have seen many of the bugs you reported corrected. Please visit the release notes for this week to see if your bug has been resolved. If you see something on the release notes as being corrected, but you are still experiencing the error, clear your cache and try it again. If you still experience the bug even after clearing your cache, re-submit the bug and make a note that you have cleared your cache.

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