Week 4 Student Pilot Results

May 13, 2019 by kjh7a@virginia.edu

College Cup

As expected, the survey has widened the gap for the College Cup competition. Last week, Dunglison led not only with the survey, but really pulled ahead with the daily logins. Reed, however, still has a chance if they are consistent about logging in each day. Remember, you only have until noon on Friday, May 24th to login for your college. Almost half of you participated in the survey. Thank you for the feedback you provided to help make this tool better for you.

Bug Bounty Hunters

This week, the gap has narrowed for the Bug Bounty Hunters with a 2 bug lead. 89 bugs have been reported, 45  of them unique, by 29 different students. As of Monday, May 13, all bugs have been reviewed and either marked as credited or duplicates/other. The chart below reflects the results for those bugs which have been credited. Remember, you have until noon on Friday, May 24th to submit a bug for this competition. If you see something on the release notes as being corrected, but you are still experiencing the error, clear your cache and try it again. If you still experience the bug even after clearing your cache, re-submit the bug and make a note that you have cleared your cache.

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