Web Request

This is a How To document to get the user started using Web Request

Web Request (WR) is a parallel system to Resource Scheduler.  Almost anyone can use WR to request a reservation for a resource found in Resource Scheduler.  This document will show the user how to access and use the basic tools in WR.

Access and login:

  • WR does not have accounts.  Instead you access WR using your UVA email address.
  • Using the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer, go to space.med.virginia.edu/rsrequest


  • Enter your full UVA email address in the Email Address field
  • Enter a password familiar to you in the Password field
  • Click on Add.  This is the only time you will click on Add.  During future login, click on Login.


  • On the My Information page, you can enter your first name, last name, phone number and confirm your password.  Click on Save when finished.
  • Now you are at the main screen for WR.

Resource Scheduler Web Request Module – Main Screen:


  • Under Pending Requests you see reservation requests you made that are already in the system
  • Under Reviewed Request you can see your requests that have been approved or denied
  • Access your My Information page by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner next to sign out
  • View rooms to see if they are available or reserved
  • Make a new request
  • Exit the system by clicking on sign out in the upper right hand corner

View existing room schedules:

  • From the Main Screen, click on the Free/Busy button
  • The Location Free/Busy Display screen opens


  • The screen shot shows some of the resources in Resource Scheduler.  Scroll down to see more resources
  • The date defaults to the current date.  To change a date, enter a new date in the Date field, or click on the calendar icon and select a date from there.
  • If desired, select a particular Resource Type and/or Capacity.
  • Click on Display to refresh – whenever you change Date, Resource Type or Capacity, click on Display to refresh the screen
  • On the display, the rooms (resources) are on the left and time of day is along the top
  • A square with no color indicates the resource is available

Create a new reservation request:

  • From the Main Menu, click on either Create New Request just above the Free/Busy button, or click on New Request in the menu at the top of the screen
  • Creating a reservation requires the user to fill out four small windows.  The first of four is below


  • All four windows are self-explanatory.  Fill out the four windows and press Finish when complete.  Your request goes to the person in charge of the resource.  They will either accept or deny the request, and you will be notified both in WR and via email.
  • The information in the Request Description field will be the title of the event, and will be displayed on monitors and door side signage.  This field should not contain messages or description details.  That information can be placed in the Special Requests or Notes field seen below.


The third window has an interesting text box called Special Requests or Notes.  Here the user can enter notes or special instructions to the person that approves or denies the room, such as “I see the auditorium is available.  May I reserve that room?”


Extensive help exists on line.  From any screen, click on the Help link in the upper right corner.


This opens a new screen:


On this screen, click on View On-line Help.  This opens a new window where the user can access all on-line help.