Email Address Management

You have two email accounts – (academic) and (health system). By utilizing the university’s email address management system, you can combine the delivery of email into your health system email account so that you only have one inbox to monitor. Most School of Medicine students combine their accounts during the 4 years of medical school and separate them when they leave the UVA health system.

Review your “Deliverable Addresses” in AMS:

  • Navigate to the “Manage Deliverable Addresses” feature and confirm that your hscmail account is defined as a deliverable address in the address management system. For example: <zat5ab> If not, then define it.
  • While using the “Manage Deliverable Addresses” feature, ensure that your academic account is defined as a deliverable address in the address management system. Virginia Google email should already be defined if you have setup your academic email account.
  • Make a decision on whether you want to regularly check two email accounts (health system and academic) or route email from both accounts into a single email account (health system). We recommend that you combine them because clinical faculty will see your health system email address by default.
  • If your relationship with the health system terminates (graduate, withdraw from school, etc.), the health system will terminate your health system email account. At that point you should separate the two accounts to ensure delivery of academic email.

Manage Deliverable Addresses

Manage Aliases

To route email from both accounts into your health system account

  • Navigate to the “Manage Aliases” feature in address management.
  • Locate the alias for your “Primary Address (permanent alias)”.
  • If you have not claimed permanent alias ( use the link to claim it.
  • Select the domain
  • Change the deliverable address to deliver email to your account
  • Repeat for other aliases as appropriate.
  • Repeat for the second domain –

We recommend one of the following options:

The university’s Information Technology Services (ITS) group has considerable information on the Email Address Management System (AMS) system here: