MobileIron is a Mobile Device Manger (MDM) and form of Virtual Private Network (VPN) that can be installed on smartphones and tablets to facilitate access to Health System Technology Services (HSCS) email and some clinical applications (EPIC and PACS). MobileIron on your mobile device also lets it automatically connect to UVa clinical WiFi networks hscs-wireless in the hospital and clinics.

 MobileIron – What installing it means for your device

Using a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) like MobileIron does adjust some security settings and imposes some constraints on your phone/tablet that you should be aware of:
  • MobileIron requires your device have a passcode with a timeout for inactivity.
  • Your device passcode must be changed when your health system password must be changed – every 60 days.
  • Health System data on your device will be encrypted by MobileIron on your device.
  • MobileIron Device Manager allows Health System IT to purge your device of Health System/Medical Center data (not your personal data, contacts, etc.). This is only done in isolated cases as needed. For example, the loss or theft of the device, withdrawal from medical school, etc.)
  • MobileIron requires turning on Location Services on your mobile device.

Installing MobileIron

  • Install the software on your mobile device from the iOS App Store or Android App Store.
  • User ID/Password are the same ones you use for HealthSystem Email
  • When configuring, the server name is “”
The installation does include additional HIT applications to facilitate connectivity to HIT resources like EPIC, PACS, f5 Edge Client, etc.

For the curious among you, more information is available:

Requesting and Installing MobileIron

The HIT Help Desk is your best resource for working through individual problems with MobileIron. Their contact information for the HIT Help Desk is below: