Virtual Private Network (VPN) Devices

Two different VPN devices that School of Medicine students may need

Academic – Typically needed to access resources like Virtual Slides, podcasts, library resources, etc. when you are off grounds.

Health System – Typically needed to access clinical applications like EPIC or PACS from your personal laptop or mobile device.

Academic VPN

Access to some academic resources is limited to being on Grounds. This includes recorded lectures, podcasts, virtual slides, Health Sciences Library subscriptions and other fair use materials. When off-grounds, you can use either UvaAnywhere or UvaAnywhere-Lite to create the VPN connection necessary to access these resources. Both of these only work off grounds.

Which do you need? The Lite version requires no installation, but only works for things that run in a web browser like Safari or Chrome. The UVaAnywhere program does everything that the Lite version does and more, but requires installation. If your application is browser-based like Virtual Slides or many library subscriptions, then UvaAnywhere-Lite is all you need. If you need a VPN for a piece of installed software like an iTunes subscription to podcasts, then you need to use the full UvaAnywhere VPN.

Here’s a more complete explanation explaining the difference between these two products:
Download UvaAnywhere here:
If you are off grounds, you can start a UvaAnywhere-Lite session by clicking this link:
For additional assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk:ITS
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Health System VPN

Getting setup for the Health System VPN involves both VPN tokens and VPN software and is a topic worthy of its own page. Here is a link –