Installing & Using the VPN Token

Set up the VPN Token on the device you wish to use

Once the request is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to setup and use the VPN Token. You should open the email on the device that you intend to install and use the VPN Token on (recommend the smartphone – you usually have that with you). The installation email typically has a short shelf-life (10 days) before it expires. If you delay beyond that then an email to (segment of HIT help desk staff) can resend the installation email. Please note that you do NOT need to have MobileIron installed on the device that will host your VPN Token.

To install your VPN Token on your smartphone or tablet:

How to use VPN Token (MobilePass)

A short video demonstrating how to use it – MobilePass – using it

For additional assistance on VPN Tokens, please contact the HSTS Help Desk via the following:
Phone: 434-924-5334