Installing and Using the MobilePass VPN Token

Set up the VPN Token on the device you wish to use

Once your request is approved, MCC Security sends you an email with instructions on how to set up and use the VPN Token. Open this email on the device that you intend to install and use the VPN Token on. It is important that you not click the link in the email on any other device, as the link is one use. Your smartphone makes the most sense for this, as you usually have it with you. The email enrollment link is good for ten days before it expires. If you delay beyond that, email and request they resend the installation email. You do not need to have MobileIron installed on the device that will host your MobilePass VPN Token.

Install your VPN Token on your smartphone or tablet

Using your MobilePass VPN Token

Re-installing MobilePass

  1. Call the HIT helpdesk at 924-5334 and request that they resend instructions for MobilePass installation.
  2. Watch your Health System email for the second email from with the most recent installation instructions.
  3. Install the software on your new mobile device by following those emailed instructions.

Additional Help

For additional help on VPN Tokens, please contact the HIT Help Desk:

Phone: 434-924-5334
Once your VPN Token software is installed, install the VPN solution you require. Click here for more info on that process.