Requesting a VPN Token

Requesting a VPN Token for a new or additional device

VPN Token approvals typically take a couple of business days. Plan accordingly.

There are three different types of Token to choose from. Once properly registered and configured each generates the secondary sequence/token required for login:

  • Hardware token – essentially a keychain fob. Sometimes called a CryptoCard.
  • Software token for Mac or Windows, installed on your laptop. Often called SafeNet.
  • Smartphone/tablet token for iOS or Android, installed on your smartphone or tablet. Often called MobilePass or SafeNet.

You only need one and we recommend the smartphone/tablet token called “MobilePass” so that you do not have to carry an additional piece of hardware.

Online Access Request Form

The “Online Access Request Form” is located here (requires HSTS credentials):

A screen shot of the request form with annotations appears below:

Screen Shot - VPN Request


User Agreement

Once you have filled out your form as above, you should be able to return to the form to acknowledge the User Agreement required to proceed. There have been a few isolated cases where user agreement did not show up immediately, so check back at the link above in a couple of hours and click on the “User Agreement” link.

Approval Process and Timing

Once you have finished your User Agreement your request must be approved by the Supervisor indicated and typically takes a couple of business days. For UME students that person can be either the Registrar or the Director of Educational Technology:

  • Katherine Yates (Registrar)
  • Email:
  • Phone: 434-924-5200
  • Mark Moody (Dir. Educational Technology)
  • Email:
  • Phone: 434-924-1528
Approved: Installation

When you receive your approval email, see this page for installing the token on your smartphone or tablet. Important: When you receive this email, do not click the link in it if you are not reading the email on the device you want to install the VPN token on!