Requesting a VPN Token

Requesting a VPN Token – a new or additional device

There are essentially three different types to choose from. Once properly registered and configured each will generate the secondary sequence/token required for login:

  • Hardware token – essentially a keychain fob. Some call it a CryptoCard.
  • Software token (Mac or Windows) installed on your laptop. Often called SafeNet.
  • Smartphone/tablet token (iOS or Droid) installed on your smartphone or tablet. Often called MobilePass or SafeNet.

You only need one and we recommend the smartphone/tablet token called “MobilePass” so that you do NOT have to carry an additional piece of hardware.

The “Online Access Request Form” is located here (requires HSTS credentials):

A screen shot of the request form with annotations appears below:

Screen Shot - VPN Request


Your request has to be approved by the Supervisor indicated and typically takes a couple of business days. For UME students that person can be either the Registrar or the Director of Educational Technology:

  • Katherine Yates (Registrar)
  • Email:
  • Phone: 434-924-5200
  • Mark Moody (Dir. Educational Technology)
  • Email:
  • Phone: 434-924-1528