Release Notes 8/12/2019

August 12, 2019 by

The following updates are in production:

For all:

  • FCM and PSP can now access course materials and resources
  • Fewer logins are needed to access resources, especially when downloading resources
  • For system leaders, the daily and weekly schedule shows all sessions for the system not just the sessions they are teaching
  • Updated menu items
  • Updated clerkship links
  • Due to a process change, some of the Med 1 students are not seeing their profile photo in the upper right corner. A placeholder will appear until this process is resolved.
  • Next course week now opens on the Wednesday before the next week rather than on Friday
  • Visual toggle on weeks (all weeks toggled closed except current)

For faculty:

  • Exam card shows most recent exams (requires labels)
  • Exam data card shows most recent exams with drop down (experimental)
  • All sessions, with their date, time, and location, are visible for the current system

Bug Fixes:

  • Material download links for the weekly schedule have been fixed
  • iCAL/webcal change for time zone accuracy in Google Calendar
  • LOs and material downloads are now specific to the student’s med level
  • Panopto link now takes you to the landing page instead of deep linking
  • Materials now populating for both sessions when the class is divided into Group A and Group B