A new way to interact with the curriculum!

VMED, or learn.med, is a curriculum management, content management, and learning management system designed specifically for UVA


News & Highlights

Release Notes 9/13/2019

The following updates are in production: For all: Improved the appearance of learning objectives and images Updated the sort order for learning objectives. Linked review learning objectives so that you…

Release Notes 8/29/2019

For administrators: Portal page now has cards or tiles specifically for administrative users  For master assessors: Changes based on feedback session, including adding contact information and giving expiration warning  For…

The new look for the portal page

You have heard it is coming, but what exactly will the new portal page look like? Preclerkship students are currently using the new page. The new portal is customized to…

Application Releases Showing Fewer Bugs

Recently, our development team incorporated automated testing into the development of the portal and future applications. Click the image below to see how this is being used!

Release Notes 8/21/2019

The following updates are in production: For all: Scrolling on mobile devices (phones, iPads, etc.) maintains momentum instead of stopping when thumb is removed. Event Activities will remain gray and…

Release Notes 8/12/2019

The following updates are in production: For all: FCM and PSP can now access course materials and resources Fewer logins are needed to access resources, especially when downloading resources For…

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