Robotic Surgery

Mimic’s dV-Trainer provides multi-level skills training for robotic technique.  This trainer replicates the da Vinci system behavior and response to help improve clinical skill and cognitive and motor skills necessary for surgical procedures.

Key Features

  • Realistic representation of da Vinci workspace, foot pedals, and master controls
  • Precise modeling of robot kinematics and virtual instruments
  • Accurate representation of EndoWrist instruments and system icon display
  • Table-top sized system for minimum space requirements and maximum mobility
  • High-definition 3D vision system with XGA resolution and more than 90 degree view angle
  • High-fidelity force feedback for haptic effects
  • Allows for creation of customized training protocols
  • Comprehensive set of performance metrics for trainee evaluation
  • Administration tools for user account customization, course management, and data export for in-depth analysis