Radiolabeled Biomarkers

Radiolabeled biomarkers synthesized in the Molecular Imaging Core.

The core produces [11C]methyl iodide/triflate,  [11C]CO2, [18F] in the cyclotron and synthesizes the biomarkers in the PharmTracer system.

Biomarker Applications
[11C]Methionine Brain, head and neck, lung, breast cancer, lymphomas. It crosses the blood-brain barrier.Monitor treatment of cancer.
[11C]Choline Brain, prostate, lung, and esophageal cancer
[11C]Acetate Myocardial oxidative metabolism, renal, prostate, pancreatic cancer
[11C]Raclopride Dopamine type 2 (D 2) receptor density
[18F] FDG (fluorodeoxyglucos Cancer, inflammation
[18F] NaF sodium fluoride Bone cancer
[18F] FLT fluorothymidine Cancer (brain)
[18F] MISO Fluoromisonidazole Hypoxia
[18F] FEC Fluroethylcholine Prostate cancer
[18F] FET Fluoroethyl-tyrosine Brain  cancer

Radiolabeled biomarkers available through PETNET

Biomarker Application
[13N] ammonia Hear perfusion
[18F] Deoxy-fluoro-glucose (FDG) Cancer, inflammation
[18F] Fluoro-L-thymidine (FLT) Cancer
[18F] Amyvid Alzheimers disease
[18F] Sodium fluoride Bone Cancer