T32 Training Program

T32 Training Grant: Kidney Disease & Inflammation

NIH DK072922

Mark D. Okusa, M.D., FASN
Division Chief and CIIR Director
Division of Nephrology
P.O. Box 800133
UVA Health System
Charlottesville, VA, 22908
Fax 434-982-5575

Target Audience

The NIH-funded T32 Nephrology Training Grant Program at the University of Virginia (supported by NIDDK grant 5 T32 DK072922 – “Kidney Disease and Inflammation”) offers an interdisciplinary research program targeted to highly-motivated, academically-oriented postdoctoral fellows – MDs, DOs, PhDs, and MD/PhDs. The program includes basic translational research and patient-oriented clinical research and aims to produce graduates who will contribute to a new generation of academic nephrologists and renal investigators prepared to address the growing problem of kidney disease. We value and encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Outstanding Mentors

This program focuses on Kidney Disease and Inflammation, bringing together outstanding clinician-scientist and basic science investigators with a track record of mentorship from Departments and Centers, including Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, the Cardiovascular Research Center, Carter Immunology Center, Cardiovascular Research Center, Data Sciences Center, NanoStar Institute, and Public Health Sciences.

State-of-the-Art Training

Training is provided in fundamental and leading-edge basic science disciplines including molecular, cellular, transgenic technologies, immunology, functional genomics and novel imaging technologies. The patient-oriented clinical research program provides training in clinical investigation, epidemiology, and biostatistics.

T32 trainees with M.D. degrees who are trainees in our Nephrology Fellowship Training Program pursue a program consisting of one year of clinical training, not supported by the grant, and two years of research training funded by the grant. PhD applicants to the T32 program are required to have prior research experience and outstanding references, and they pursue a program of two years of research training funded by the grant followed by additional year(s) supported by other research funding mechanisms. All trainees are required to attend specific courses addressing research methodologies, experimental design, research integrity, ethics, and career development and are encouraged to apply for their own research funding (postdoctoral fellowships and eventually career development awards; additional information can be found on the T32 Research Training page).

Seminars and conferences

A wealth of Seminars and Conferences can be found in the Division of Nephrology/CIIR and other Departments and Centers in the School of Medicine. Our Visiting Professor Program brings world-class scientists to UVA to interact with our trainees and faculty.


Applicants for the T32 research training program should apply by email to Nephrology_T32@virginia.edu, follow the directions on How to Apply, and indicate their interest in the Nephrology training grant. Applicants to the T32 training program must meet the citizenship/residency requirements at the time of award.