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Nephrology Research Faculty

Faculty members with diverse research backgrounds and experiences contribute to the Division of Nephrology and Center for Immunity, Inflammation and Regenerative Medicine (CIIR) at the University of Virginia. Our core faculty consists of basic scientists with expertise in basic immunology, regenerative medicine, and stem cell biology, and clinician investigators with expertise in translational research in immunity and inflammation. Additionally, the CIIR has affiliated members from various departments throughout the School of Medicine.

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Michael Brown

Brown, Michael G.

Natural Killer Cells, Viral Immunity, Genetic basis of host resistance to viral infection, Tumor immunity, Immune cell regulation

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Cechova, Sylvia

Hypertension and kidney disease

Uta Erdbruegger

Erdbruegger, Uta

Role of Microparticles in hypertension and vascular disease

Shu Man Fu

Fu, Shu-Man

Human lymphocyte biology and autoimmunity

Jitendra Gautam

Gautam, Jitendra K.

Immune System Modulation

Kambiz Kalantari

Kalantari, Kambiz

Contrast enhanced ultrasound in patients with kidney disease.

Peter Lobo

Lobo, Peter

Basic Transplant Immunology; Role of Naturally occurring IgM antibodies in Acute Kidney Injury and transplant rejection.

Jennie Ma

Ma, Jennie

Survival Analysis; longitudinal data analysis; latent variable analysis and mixture modeling; clinical trial design; Outcomes research

Mark Okusa

Okusa, Mark D.

Immune mechanisms of acute kidney injury and fibrosis. Pulsed ultrasound in acute kidney injury

Didier Portilla

Portilla, Didier

Pathogenesis of acute kidney injury; role of PPAR alpha in AKI and the role of pericytes in progressive fibrosis.

Diane Rosin

Rosin, Diane L.

Immunological mechanisms of acute kidney injury and progressive kidney disease

Rahul Sharma

Sharma, Rahul

Regulatory T Cell biology in kidney diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Sun-Sang Sung

Sung, Sun-Sang

Macrophages, dendritic cells, and other myeloid cells interactions with glomerular parenchymal cells.

Sundararaman Swaminathan

Swaminathan, Sundararaman

Inflammation, fibrosis, progression of kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, cardiovascular disease, pathologic calcification, kidney transplantation

Guofen Yan

Yan, Guofen

Clinical epidemiology, outcomes research, and racial/ethnic disparities; Models for survival, longitudinal and clustered data.