Centers of Excellence

The department consists of many subspecialty Centers of Excellence, covering the full range of neurological disorders.

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Our resident training emphasizes patient selection, perioperative management, and operative techniques. Advancing these skills leads to optimal patient care and surgical outcomes. Our trainees benefit from a large clinical volume and a wide spectrum of diagnostic material that provide a broad exposure to all aspects of neurosurgery. There is also a firm commitment to keep our residents at the highest level of awareness with regards to changes in the socioeconomic, medicolegal, and the ethical practice of medicine.

Neurosurgical Residency Program

In 2010, our division partnered with the NIH and NINDS to create the joint NIH-UVA Neurosurgical Residency Program, which has the goal of training and educating future academic neurosurgical leaders with the ability to perform world-class neuroscience research. NIH-UVA residents spend half of their 7-year residency at UVA participating on the very active clinical service, and the other half at NIH pursuing research in a setting as creative, innovative, and well-equipped as one can imagine.