Wynn Legon, PhD Neuromodulation Lab

Wynn Legon, PhD


York University, MSc, Kinesiology

University of Waterloo, PhD, Kinesiology and Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

Research Areas

Non-invasive neuromodulation, focused ultrasound, EEG, EMG, TMS, MRI, human behavior, empirical acoustic testing and computer modelling

More information at: http://www.neuromodlab.net

Summary of Research

My research is focused on exploring how ultrasound can be used as a non-invasive method to modulate cortical and sub-cortical excitability in the human brain. We employ various methods to non-invasively monitor brain activity in response to ultrasound including EEG, EMG, fMRI and TMS. In addition, we also test the effect of ultrasound to cortical and sub-cortical areas on behavior. The lab also fabricates transducers and conducts empirical acoustic testing and computer modelling of acoustic wave propagation to better understand the energy and location of ultrasound effects. We look to adapt and optimize focused ultrasound for non-invasive human brain mapping with eventual translation to clinical populations for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The lab also conducts basic ultrasound neuromodulation research in small and large animal preparations exploring optimal parameters and safety for efficacious modulation.

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Recent Publications

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