Peter Christiansen MD



M.D., Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, 2012

B.A., Biological Sciences (Neuroscience, Immunology, Genetics), University of Chicago, 2006

Previous Experience:

Harvard Medical School, 2010
Research Associate, Department of Internal Medicine
Projects focused on the role of microRNA in immune regulation, autoimmune diseases, and cancer with emphasis on SLE and hematologic malignancies.

The University of Chicago, 2002‐10
Research Assistant/Associate, Departments of Pathology, Mol Bio, and Rad Onc
Projects primarily in immunopathology with focus on immunomodulation of T Cells in models of autoimmunity and cancer/ immune tolerance.

The University of Chicago Hospitals 2002‐05
Nursing Assistant and Medical Tech, Department of Transplant and Vascular Surgery

Research Interests:

Recent Publications from US National Library of Medicine and PubMed