Policy repositories

School of Medicine
Medical Center
Health System

Policies governing sponsored awards

Timely submission of grant proposals and related documents (SOM; aka “deadline policy”)
Individuals who are eligible to submit external proposals

Determining if an award is a gift or sponsored project
Federal classified research

Policies on equipment, records management, use of UVA resources

Transfer of equipment:  to UVA / from UVA / from the SOM to other institutions
Faculty departure checklist (Provost; see Appendix E for transfer of data, equipment, etc.)
Laboratory notebook and recordkeeping (UVA; includes transfer of data to other institutions)
Data protection of University information (UVA)
Highly sensitive data protection standard for individual-use electronic devices or media (UVA)
UVA Records Management site (Commonwealth of Virginia requirements for document retention)
Use of working time and University equipment for personal or commercial purposes (UVA)

Policies on authorship, misconduct

Authorship of scholarly publications (SOM)
Research misconduct (UVA)

Policies on volunteers, fellows, Professional Research Staff

Authorization of volunteers in the workplace (UVA)
Volunteers in research (SOM)
Appointment of non-student fellows (SOM)
Employment of Professional Research Staff (UVA)
Request for Extension of Employment of a Postdoctoral Research Associate (UVA)

Policies on intellectual property, conflict of interest, consulting

UVA patent and copyright policies (see also “Innovation Revenue and Equity Distribution Formulas” [LVG site] and UVA patent assignment form)
Conflict of interest and conflict of commitment (Health System; SOM COI policy has been retired)
Financial conflicts of interest for research investigators (UVA; see also FAQs on conflict of interest)
Request for exemption of conflict of interest for research activities (UVA)
Institutional Conflict of Interest in Human Subjects Research (UVA)
SOM on-line system for disclosing external financial interests / Paper disclosure (non-UVA investigators)
Vendors/sales and service representatives (Medical Center)
Guidance for SOM clinical faculty on the Affordable Care Act “sunshine provisions”
Consulting and professional activities (SOM); see also:
Faculty Time Away for Professional Activities (SOM)
Approval of External Activities Form (SOM)
General Guidelines for SOM faculty when contracting directly with a company to provide consulting services (SOM)
Faculty external consulting and internal overload (UVA)
Endorsement of external entities and products (SOM)

Other SOM research and administrative policies

Gene transfer research trials
Standards for Laboratory and Computational Space Use
F&A distribution
Administration of multiple-investigator awards
Creating centers, institutes, or programs
Center reviews

Other UVA research and administrative policies

UVA Financial and Administrative Policies and Procedures
Time and effort certification
Minimum effort on federally funded sponsored research activities
Managing exports of controlled technology to foreign persons and destinations in support of research and scholarship

Federal circulars and policies governing research awards

OMB Circulars (cost principles, audit requirements)
NIH Grants Policy Statement (eff. 10/17)