Financial Interests of Faculty

This site provides the public with information concerning the external financial interests of School of Medicine (SOM) faculty.  The data below represent faculty disclosures for calendar year 2015 and any updates reported through October 2015.

The research, patient care, education, and community service missions of the SOM must be conducted with the greatest integrity, avoiding the appearance of bias in order to maintain public trust.  SOM faculty are required to report all significant financial relationships with organizations outside of the University that are related to their institutional responsibilities, both annually and any time new financial interests arise.  These reports are evaluated for actual or potential financial conflicts with the missions of the SOM, as defined by federal regulations, state law, and University policy.

The SOM does not equate external financial interests with conflicts of interest; rather, the School recognizes the benefits of and supports appropriate academic-industry collaborations.  Such collaborations between faculty-physicians and pharmaceutical or medical device companies lead to the development of new drugs, treatments, or devices to improve health care options.  Patients should feel free to ask their physician about any relationship he or she may have with a company and whether and how that relationship affects the clinical care being provided.

This site lists the following significant financial interests associated with their institutional responsibilities:

  • Ownership.  Faculty must report an ownership interest over $5,000 or over 3% in a publicly traded company or any ownership interest in a non-publicly traded company.  Ownership interests include those of the faculty member and immediate family.
  • Income.  Faculty must report income from a single entity that exceeds $5,000.  Reported income includes both the faculty member and her/his immediate family.  We have broken these reports into the following categories:
  • Industry-sponsored grant and contract support.  Faculty who served as Principal Investigators on industry-sponsored agreements that were active during the year.  These agreements flowed through the University.  Therefore, any resulting financial benefit received by our faculty was part of their institutional remuneration.

For further information on how professional relationships between industry and SOM faculty are governed and managed at the School of Medicine, please refer to the policies below:

Ownership interests exceeding 3% (for publicly traded companies) or any interests in non-publicly traded companies


Aguilera, Nadine:  Neurology Associates of Fredericksburg

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  Inflammasome Therapeutics  Inc

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  iVeena Delivery Systems  Inc.

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  iVeena Holdings  LLC

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  iVeena Pharmaceuticals  LLC

Annex, Brian:  TheraVasc

Auble, David:  Alexander BioDiscoveries

Bauer, Todd:  iTi Health  Inc

Beller, George:  Diffusion Pharmaceuticals

Brady, William:  Evidence Care

Breton, Marc:  InSpark

Breton, Marc:  TypeZero Technologies

Browne, James:  Radlink

Chordia, Mahendra:  Adenosine Therapeutics

Chordia, Mahendra:  Allostem Therapeutics

Chordia, Mahendra:  Imol Radiopharmaceuticals

Concannon, Patrick:  Amgen

den Hartog, Julia:  Biolite

Diakova, Galina:  Targeson Inc

Dirghangi, Arjun:  Scanoptix  Inc.

Dutta, Anindya:  Ultragenome

Engel, Daniel:  Alexander BioDiscoveries  LLC

Engelhard, Victor:  Agenus  Inc.

Felder, Robin:  BlinkBit

Felder, Robin:  Global Cell Solutions

Felder, Robin:  Hypogen

Felder, Robin:  Medical

Felder, Robin:  Medical Robotics

Feldman, Sanford:  Fidelity

Gimple, Lawrence:  Hemoshear Therapeutics

Gimple, Lawrence:  Scitent  Inc

Gioeli, Daniel:  HemoeShear Therapeutics

Gloudeman, Mark:  Culpeper Surgery Center  LLC

Gloudeman, Mark:  Pacira Pharmaceuticals

Gloudeman, Mark:  United Health Group

Glover, David:  Adenosine Therapeutics

Gonder-Frederick, Linda:  BeHealth

Guerrant, Richard:  AlGlutamine  LLC

Harvey, Jennifer:  Hologic

Harvey, Jennifer:  Volpara Analytics

He, Jiang:  Molecular Imaging & Therapeutics  Inc.

Herr, John:  Contraline

Herr, John:  ContraVac

Herr, John:  Neoantigenics

Herr, John:  Ovastasis

Hewlett, Erik:  Cerillo  LLC

Howell, R:  MediRevv

Huang, Manley:  TransTarget Inc

Jensen, Mary:  Medina Medical

Kapur, Jaideep:  Kapur Energy Environment Economics

Kassell, Neal:  Insightec

Kelly, Kimberly:  iTi Health

Kester, Mark:  Ariz Biopharma

Kester, Mark:  Ellington Health Care

Kester, Mark:  Keystone Nano  Inc

Kester, Mark:  OraceuTX  Inc

Khandelwal, Shiv:  Johnson & Johnson

Khandelwal, Shiv:  Pfizer

Klibanov, Alexander:  Targeson Inc

Kovatchev, Boris:  InSpark Technologies

Kovatchev, Boris:  TypeZero Technologies

Lafon, Cyril:  Carthera SAS

Lake, Douglas:  Medical Predictive Sciences Corporation

Lannigan, Josephine:  Cytek Biosciences (previously Cytek Development)

Laurie, Gordon:  TearSolutions  Inc.

Lazo, John:  Oncothryeon  Inc. (ONTY NASDAQ)

Levy, William:  Informed Simplifications  LLC

Lindorfer, Margaret:  Elusys

Lum, Lawrence:  Transtarget  Inc

Lynch, Kevin:  SphynKx Therapeutics

Ma, Jennie:  ADial Pharmaceuticals

Mackey, Aaron:  HemoShear  LLC

Manning, Lee:  InSightec

Matsumoto, Alan:  Brightwater

Matsumoto, Alan:  Volcano

Matsumoto, Julie:  Brightwater

Matsumoto, Julie:  Volcano

McCullough, William (Bill):  Abbott Laboratories

McCullough, William (Bill):  AIR LIQUIDE

McCullough, William (Bill):  ALLERGAN

McCullough, William (Bill):  CELGENE

McCullough, William (Bill):  CVS HEALTH

McCullough, William (Bill):  IMS HEALTH HOLDINGS

McCullough, William (Bill):  ROCHE

McManus, Kathleen:  Gilead Sciences, Inc.

McManus, Kathleen:  Teva

Meyer, Craig:  Springbok  Inc.

Meyer, Robert:  Johnson and Johnson

Meyer, Robert:  Pfizer

Miller, Mark:  Miller Orthopaedic Review Enterprises

Mills, Stacey:  PRW Laboratories

Minor, Wladek:  HKL Research  Inc.

Moorman, Joseph:  Advanced Medical Predictive Devices  Displays  and Diagnostics

Moorman, Joseph:  Medical Predictive Science Corporation

Okusa, Mark:  Adenosine Therapeutics

Owens, Gary:  NMSI

Pan, Dongfeng:  Imol Radiopharmaceuticals

Papin, Jason:  Cerillo  LLC

Patterson, James:  PRW Laboratories

Pfister, Kenneth:  ABBOTT Laboratories

Pfister, Kenneth:  ABBVIE INC

Ritterband, Lee:  BeHealth Solutions

Rosin, Diane:  Adenosine Therapeutics

Shim, Yun:  Covenant Therapeutics LLC

Showalter, Timothy:  BrachyFoam

Taylor, Ronald:  EluSys Therapeutics

Tiouririne, Mohamed:  Adial Pharmaceutical

Tiouririne, Nassima:  ADIAL Pharmaceuticals

Tucker, Amy:  Adenosine Therapeutics

Upchurch, Gilbert:  Antyllus

Valdez, Rupa:  Sigla

Warren, Cirle:  Lewis & Clark

Wick, Mark:  PRW Laboratories

Wiener, Michael:  Membraxis Consulting

Wilkes, David:  ImmuneWorks Inc

Wolf, Stephen:  McKesson Corporation

Wolf, Stephen:  Novo Nordisk

Yates, Paul:  RetiVue

Yeager, Mark:  Allosteerix

Yeager, Mark:  Radical Therapeutix

Income exceeding $5,000

a.  Corporate-funded talks

Bogdonoff, David:  Merck & Co

Moore, Sean:  Lupin Pharmaceuticals

b.  Participation on corporate board


Felder, Robin:  Global Cell Solutions

Felder, Robin:  Medical

Kester, Mark:  Ariz Biopharma

c.  Other consulting income

Ailawadi, Gorav:  Abbott Vascular

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  Allergan

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  Olix Pharmaceuticals  Inc.

Aubry, Jean:  Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Bogdonoff, David:  Merck & Co

Brautigan, David:  Kemin Industries

Brockmeier, Stephen:  Depuy

Brockmeier, Stephen:  Zimmer Biomet

Browne, James:  DJO Surgical

Browne, James:  Radlink/DePuy

Bruen, Denise:  Genzyme

Calland, James:  Expert witness

Clayton, Anita:  Fabre-Kramer Pharmaceuticals

Clayton, Anita:  S1 Biopharmaceuticals

Clayton, Anita:  Valeant Pharmaceuticals

DeGeorge, Katharine:  DynaMed (EBSCO Publishing)

Diduch, David:  Depuy Mitek

DiMarco, John:  Medtronic

DiMarco, John:  Novartis

DiMarco, John:  Receptos/PPD

Duska, Linda:  Parexel

Engelhard, Victor:  Agenus  Inc.

Evans, Avery:  no entity  self employed consulting

Evans, Avery:  sole proprietorship

Felder, Robin:  Abbott Laboratories

Golden, Wendy:  Lineagen

Goldman, Myla:  Genzyme

Goldman, Myla:  Sarepta

Gru, Alejandro:  Seattle Genetics

Guerrant, Richard:  Danone-Yakult

Haskal, Ziv:  Bard Peripheral Vascular

Haskal, Ziv:  Penumbra

Haskal, Ziv:  W.L Gore and Associates

Kelly, Kimberly:  iTi Health

Kipnis, Jonathan:  Neuraltus

Kovatchev, Boris:  Sanofi-Aventis

Lancaster, Luke:  Philips Healthcare

Lawrence, Monica:  Faculty Connections

Lim, David:  Abbott Vascular

Mackey, Aaron:  HemoShear  LLC

Matsumoto, Alan:  Boston Scientific

Matsumoto, Julie:  Boston Scientific

Meyer, Robert:  YourEncore

Mills, Stacey:  Virginia Urology Group

Moorman, Joseph:  Advanced Medical Predictive Devices  Displays  and Diagnostics

Muncaster, Larkin:  McGraw Hill

Okusa, Mark:  Astellas Pharma

Petri, William:  INC Research, LLC

Petri, William:  Perrigo Nutritionals

Petri, William:  TechLab  Inc

Rheuban, Karen:  Tyto Care Ltd

Rosin, Diane:  Astellas Pharma

Rosner, Mitchell:  Abbvie

Rosner, Mitchell:  Baxter

Rosner, Mitchell:  Kadene Ventures

Saathoff, Gregory:  fbi

Saathoff, Gregory:  virginia department of corrections

Shaffrey, Christopher:  K2M

Shen, Francis:  DePuy Synthes Spine

Shen, Francis:  Medtronic

Shimer, Adam:  Nuvasive

Siebers, Jeffrey:  Personal Consulting

Singh, Kanwar:  Cordis Corporation

Slawson, David:  John Wiley Publishing Company

Smith, Justin:  Zimmer Biomet

Sochor, Mark:  Biomechanics Consulting & Research  LLC

Targonski, Paul:  Genworth Financial

Warren, Janet:  Koskoff  Koskoff & Bieder

Wick, Mark:  Hepler-Broom Law firm
d.  Non-consulting income


Adams, Reid:  Biom’Up

Aguilera, Nadine:  Neurology Associates of Fredericksburg

Altes, Talissa:  Philips

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  American Society of Retina Specialists

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  Biocat (International Center for Scientific Debate-Barcelona)

Brady, William:  Evidence Care

Brady, William:  Medicolegal Consulting

Brayman, Kenneth:  ER Squibb

Brayman, Kenneth:  Genentech

Brayman, Kenneth:  Sanofi

Browne, James:  DJO Surgical

Caldwell, Stephen:  Halyard Kimberly Clark Ballard

Childress, Marcia:  Oxford University Press

Clayton, Anita:  Clintara

Clayton, Anita:  ResMed Germany

Concannon, Patrick:  University of Florida

Cymborowski, Marcin:  HKL Research Inc.

Dent, John:  American Home Products Trust

Diduch, David:  Smith and Nephew

Engel, Daniel:  Alexander BioDiscoveries

Evans, Avery:  Carefusion Inc

Evans, Avery:  Cook Inc.

Evans, Avery:  Cook Medical

Evans, Avery:  Stryker Inc

Evans, Selene:  Carefusion Inc

Evans, Selene:  Cook Inc.

FENG, XUE:  Springbok  Inc.

Ferguson, James:  American Board Of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ferguson, John:  BioSense Webster

Figler, Robert:  HemoShear Therapeutics  LLC

Gloudeman, Mark:  Culpeper Surgery Center, LLC

Goldman, Myla:  Biogen

Grabowski, Marek:  HKL Research  Inc

Harrison, James:  College of American Pathologists

Haskal, Ziv:  Cook Medical

Haskal, Ziv:  Penumbra

Haskal, Ziv:  WL Gore

Heald, Evan:  Martha Jefferson Hospital

Heinzmann, Janet:  Clinton Health Access Initiative

Horwitz, Alan:  Allen Institute

Jones, David:  Biogen Idec

Kelly, Kimberly:  Axon DX

Kern, John:  AATS

Kirby, Jennifer:  American Diabetes Association

Lazo, John:  Oncothryeon  Inc.

Lowson, Stuart:  Mallinkrodt

Mackey, Aaron:  HemoShear  LLC

Maitland, Hillary:  Merck

Meyer, Robert:  Cardiome Pharma

Miller, Mark:  Elsevier & Wolters Kluwer Publishing

Mills, Stacey:  Lippincott – Williams & Wilkins

Mills, Stacey:  Oakstone Medical Publishing

Minor, Wladek:  HKL Research  Inc.

Moorman, Joseph:  Advanced Medical Predictive Devices Displays and Diagnostics

Park, Joseph:  Integra LifeSciences

Petri, William:  Seres Therapeutics

Phillips, Lawrence:  Muscle & Nerve (medical journal)

Pollart, Susan:  Association of American Medical Colleges

Refaat, Ahmed:  Hamad Medical corporation  in QATAR

Reid, James:  Cargill

Romness, Mark:  Thomson Reuters

Shaffrey, Christopher:  Medtronic

Shaffrey, Christopher:  Nuvasive

Shaffrey, Christopher:  Zimmer-Biomet

Shen, Francis:  Globus Medical

Singh, Kanwar:  Corindus Corporation

Sochor, Mark:  Biomechanics Consulting and Research  LLC

Sutherland, Sara:  Mondial Assistance

Taylor, Peyton:  Duke University

Teague, William:  The Scienomics Group LLC

Tucker, Amy:  Locus Health (formerly Broad Axe)

Upchurch, Gilbert:  Bio-CAT

Wick, Mark:  Hepler-Broom Law firm

Williams, Michael:  American Board of Internal Medicine

Williams, Michael:  Research to Practice

Worrall, Bradford:  American Academy of Neurology

e.  Sponsored and reimbursed travel (regardless of value)


Adams, Reid:  American Board of Surgery

Adams, Reid:  American College of Surgery

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  Allergan

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

Ambati, Jayakrishna:  Lighthouse Guild

Burks, Sandra:  BiomUp

Burt Solorzano, Christine:  Jaeb Center for Health Research/T1D Exchange

Felder, Robin:  Intelligent Insights

Hallowell, Peter:  Intuitive

Hewlett, Erik:  GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals SA

Iezzoni, Julia:  United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology

Jameson, Mark:  Theraclion

Kirk, Susan:  Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

Lannigan, Josephine:  Association of Biomolecular Research Facilities

Lannigan, Josephine:  FlowTex

Lannigan, Josephine:  ISAC

Legendre, Lindsay:  Waters Corporation

Lehtinen, Simon:  American College of Physicians

Mcgahren, Eugene:  American Board of Surgery

Mcgahren, Eugene:  American College of Surgeons

Mcgahren, Eugene:  American Pediatric Surgery Association

Mcgahren, Eugene:  Southern Surgical Association

Minor, Wladek:  various conferences or invited seminars

Mugler, John:  Siemens Healthcare

Okusa, Mark:  American Society of Nephrology

Pinkerton, Joann:  Pfizer

Rosin, Diane:  American Society of Nephrology

Shonka, David:  Theraclion

Siebers, Jeffrey:  American Association of Physicists in Medicine

Sifri, Costi:  Infectious Disease Society of America

Slingluff, Craig:  Immatics

Slingluff, Craig:  Polynoma

Woodfolk, Judith:  ALK/Abello

Industry-sponsored faculty research agreements

Abdel-Rahman, Emaad M:  AstraZeneca

Abel, Mark F:  Children’s Specialists Foundation, Inc.

Adams, Reid B:  NewLink Genetics Corporation

Adams, Reid B:  PPD Development, Inc.

Agarwal, Avinash:  Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


Ailawadi, Gorav:  AbbVie Inc.

Ailawadi, Gorav:  Antyllus Therapeutics, Inc.

Ailawadi, Gorav:  AtriCure, Inc.

Ailawadi, Gorav:  Edwards Lifesciences LLC

Ailawadi, Gorav:  PPD Development, Inc.

Ailawadi, Gorav:  Sorin Group USA, Inc.

Altes, Talissa A:  Xemed LLC

Anderson, Stacey M:  InSpark Technologies, Inc.

Anderson, Stacey M:  Medtronic Inc.

Angle, John F:  Cook Incorporated

Angle, John F:  Covidien

Angle, John F:  Grifols Therapeutics Inc.

Angle, John F:  Medtronic Inc.

Angle, John F:  Spectranetics Corporation

Angle, John F:  Terumo Medical Corporation

Angle, John F:  The Medicines Company

Annex, Brian H:  AstraZeneca

Archbald-Pannone, Laurie:  Techlab Research

Argo, Curtis:  Genentech, Inc

Argo, Curtis:  Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Arnold, Christopher J:  Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

Bailey, Russell:  GW Research Ltd

Bailey, Russell:  INC Research, Inc.

Balogun, Rasheed A:  Vital Therapies, Inc.

Battle, Robert:  MD Primer Inc.

Becker, Daniel M:  Medical Cyberworlds, Inc.

Behm, Brian W:  Abbott Labs.

Behm, Brian W:  AbbVie Inc.

Behm, Brian W:  Centocor Research & Development, Inc.

Behm, Brian W:  Genentech, Inc

Behm, Brian W:  Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Behm, Brian W:  Janssen Research & Development

Behm, Brian W:  Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Behm, Brian W:  Receptos, Inc.

Behm, Brian W:  Robarts Clinical Trials, Inc.

Behm, Brian W:  Sanofi US Service Inc.

Beitinjaneh, Amer:  Pharmacyclics, Inc.

Bilchick, Kenneth C:  Medpace, Inc.

Bilchick, Kenneth C:  Medtronic Inc.

Bilchick, Kenneth C:  Pacesetter, Inc.

Bilchick, Kenneth C:  St. Jude Medical Cardiac Rhythm Management Division

Bolton, Warren K:  Covance, Inc.

Bolton, Warren K:  Global Monitors, Inc.

Borish, Larry:  Novartis

Borowitz, Stephen M:  Centocor Research & Development, Inc.

Bourque, Jamieson M:  Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc.

Bourque, Jamieson M:  Astellas Scientific and Medical Affairs, Inc.

Bourque, Jamieson M:  BSP-Biological Signal Processing Ltd

Brady, William:  Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc

Brautigan, David L:  Dual Therapeutics, LLC

Brautigan, David L:  Kemin Industries, Inc.

Brayman, Kenneth L:  Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc.

Brayman, Kenneth L:  CTI Clinical Trial Services, Inc.

Brayman, Kenneth L:  Grifols, Inc.

Brayman, Kenneth L:  Novartis

Brayman, Kenneth L:  The EMMES Corporation

Brenin, Christiana M:  MacroGenics

Brenin, David R:  Theraclion, S.A.

Breton, Marc D:  Bayer Consumer Care AG

Breton, Marc D:  Roche Diabetes Care GmbH

Brockmeier, Stephen F:  Arthrex, Inc.

Brockmeier, Stephen F:  Biomet

Brockmeier, Stephen F:  DePuy Orthopedics, Inc

Brockmeier, Stephen F:  Tornier, Inc.

Brooks, Charles H:  AbbVie Inc.

Brooks, Charles H:  AlloCure Inc.

Broshek, Donna K:  Barron Associates, Inc.

Bruns, David E:  Abbott Labs.

Bullock, Timothy N:  Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.

Burns, Ted Michael:  CSL Behring LLC

Burns, Ted Michael:  UCB Celltech

Burns, Ted Michael:  Walgreens Infusion Services, Inc.

Burt, David R:  Shire Orphan Therapies, Inc.

Burt, David R:  Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc

Caldwell, Stephen H:  Galmed Research and Development Ltd.

Caldwell, Stephen H:  Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Caldwell, Stephen H:  Immuron Limited

Caldwell, Stephen H:  inVentiv Health Clinical

Caldwell, Stephen H:  NGM BIO Biopharmaceuticals Austrailia Pty Ltd.

Caldwell, Stephen H:  Premier Research International, LLC

Caldwell, Stephen H:  TaiwanJ Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Calland, James F:  Republic of Rwanda, Minister of Health

Cantrell, Leigh:  Array BioPharma Inc.

Cathro, Hp:  Luna Innovations, Inc.

Charlton, Nathan P:  American College of Medical Toxicology

Charlton, Nathan P:  BTG International Inc.

Chhabra, Abhinav B:  Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Clarke, William L:  Eli Lilly USA, LLC

Clayton, Anita H:  Forest Research Institute, Inc.

Clayton, Anita H:  INNO Clinical Outcomes LLC

Clayton, Anita H:  Medpace, Inc.

Clayton, Anita H:  Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc.

Clayton, Anita H:  Takeda Development Center Americas, Inc.

Cohn, Steven M:  Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Cottler, Patrick:  Luna Innovations, Inc.

Cox, Daniel J:  DexCom, Inc.

Cox, Daniel J:  Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Cox, Daniel J:  Purdue Pharma

Cross, Janet V:  Controlled Chemicals, Inc.

Crowley, Webster:  Hope Pharmaceuticals

Crowley, Webster:  Pulsar Vascular

Dang, Thao P:  EMD Serono, Inc.

Dang, Thao P:  Genentech, Inc

Darby, Andrew E:  Boston Scientific Corporation

Deal, Dylan:  AxoGen Corporation

Deal, Dylan:  Depuy

Deal, Dylan:  Integra LifeSciences Corporation

DeBoer, Mark D:  Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Densmore, John J:  Cephalon, Inc.

Diamond, Paul T:  Barron Associates, Inc.

Diduch, David R:  Advanced Technologies & Regenerative Medicine, LLC

Diduch, David R:  Aesculap Biologics, LLC

Diduch, David R:  Arthrex, Inc.

Diduch, David R:  DePuy Mitek

Diduch, David R:  DJO, LLC

Diduch, David R:  Moximed, Inc.

Diduch, David R:  Zimmer Orthobiologics, Inc.

Dillon, Patrick:  Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Foundation

Dillon, Patrick:  Cancer Insight, LLC

Dillon, Patrick:  Genentech, Inc

Dillon, Patrick:  Incyte Corporation

Dillon, Patrick:  Nektar Therapeutics

Dillon, Patrick:  NewLink Genetics Corporation

Dillon, Patrick:  Novartis

Douvas, Michael G:  Novartis

Douvas, Michael G:  Seattle Genetics, Inc.

Dreicer, Robert:  Asana Biosciences, LLC

Dreicer, Robert:  Genentech, Inc

Dreicer, Robert:  SCRI Development Innovations, LLC

Dunsmore, Kimberly P:  Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Duska, Linda R:  Ergomed Clinical Research Inc.

Duska, Linda R:  GlaxoSmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

Duska, Linda R:  INC Research, Inc.

Duska, Linda R:  inVentiv Health Clinical

Duska, Linda R:  Merck Sharp & Dohme

Duska, Linda R:  Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Duska, Linda R:  Morphotek, Inc.

Elias, William J:  InSightec

Elias, William J:  St. Jude Medical Neuromodulation Division

Enfield, Kyle B:  Boston Scientific Corporation

Enfield, Kyle B:  Leading Biosciences, Inc.

Engel, Daniel A:  Alexander BioDiscoveries, LLC

Evans, Avery J:  Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc

Evans, Avery J:  Cordis Corporation

Evans, Avery J:  Stryker Corporation, Neurovascular Division

Fairchild, Karen D:  SR BIO, INC.

Ferguson, John D:  Biosense Webster, Inc.

Ferguson, John D:  Medtronic Inc.

Ferguson, John D:  PPD Development, Inc.

Ferguson, John D:  St. Jude Medical Cardiac Rhythm Management Division

Foff, Erin Pennock:  EBM Care, Inc.

Foff, Erin Pennock:  Merck Sharp & Dohme

Foff, Erin Pennock:  TauRx Therapeutics Ltd.

Fountain, Nathan B:  Cerebral Therapeutics, LLC

Fountain, Nathan B:  Medtronic Inc.

Fountain, Nathan B:  NeuroPace, Inc.

Fountain, Nathan B:  PPD Development, Inc.

Fountain, Nathan B:  Quintiles, Inc.

Fountain, Nathan B:  UCB Biosciences, Inc.

Fracasso, Paula M:  Parexel International Corporation

Friel, Charles:  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Froh, Deborah K:  Parion Sciences, Inc.

Froh, Deborah K:  Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Gangemi, James J:  On-X Life Technologies, Inc.

Gangemi, James J:  St. Jude Medical Cardiology Division, Inc.

Gaskin, Christopher M.:  Carestream Health, Inc.

Gaughan, Elizabeth:  Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Gaughan, Elizabeth:  Merck Sharp & Dohme

Gaultier, Alban:  Novoron Bioscience Inc

Gay, Elizabeth:  United Therapeutics Corporation

Gentzler, Ryan:  Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Gentzler, Ryan:  Merck Sharp & Dohme

Ghaemmaghami, Chris A:  Novartis

Ghaemmaghami, Chris A:  Quintiles, Inc.

Gimple, Lawrence W:  Covance, Inc.

Gimple, Lawrence W:  Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

Gimple, Lawrence W:  Regado Biosciences, Inc.

Gimple, Lawrence W:  Sanofi US Service Inc.

Gimple, Lawrence W:  The Medicines Company

Gioeli, Daniel G:  Hemoshear, LLC

Goldman, Myla D:  Applied Clinical Intelligence LLC.

Goldman, Myla D:  Biogen

Goldman, Myla D:  Novartis

Goldstein, Robert Benjam:  Boston Scientific Corporation

Goldstein, Robert Benjam:  Medtronic Inc.

Goodkin, Howard P:  PPD Development, Inc.

Gray, Ml:  Hollister Inc.

Grosh, William W:  Novartis

Grosh, William W:  Quintiles, Inc.

Groves, Danja:  HemoSonics, LLC

Gunderson, Erik William:  Orexo AB

Gunderson, Erik William:  Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc.

Gwathmey, F. Winston:  Ceterix Orthopaedics, Inc.

Gwathmey, Kelly:  CSL Behring GmbH

Gwathmey, Kelly:  GlaxoSmithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

Haley, Elliott C Jr.:  Biogen

Hall, Richard:  Clovis Oncology, Inc.

Hall, Richard:  SCRI Services, LLC

Hamilton, David:  Quintiles, Inc.

Hart, Joseph M III:  Genzyme Corporation

Harvey, Jennifer A:  VuCOMP, Inc.

Haskal, Ziv:  Covidien

Haskal, Ziv:  Sequana Medical AG

Haskal, Ziv:  Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Hassanzadeh, Hamid:  inVentiv Health Clinical

Haverstick, Doris M:  Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.

Hayden, Frederick G:  Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Hedrick, Traci L:  American College Of Surgeons Oncology Group

Hedrick, Traci L:  Excited States, LLC

Hedrick, Traci L:  Ruthigen

Herr, John C:  ContraVac Inc.

Herr, John C:  Neoantigenics LLC

Hewlett, Erik:  List Biological Laboratories, Inc.

Hewlett, Erik:  Sanofi

Hewlett, Erik:  Sanofi Pasteur Limited

Hewlett, Erik:  Signature Science, LLC

Heymann, Peter W:  Novartis

Holstege, Christopher P:  Emergent Protective Products USA, Inc.

Hong, Gregory K:  Novartis

Horta Coelho Mata, Jaim:  Twin Star TDS, LLC

Houpt, Eric R:  Total Solutions, Inc.

Hu, Song:  AstraZeneca

Huff, J S:  Banyan Biomarkers Inc.

Huff, J S:  Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Huff, J S:  BrainScope Company, Inc.

Huff, J S:  HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc.

Huffmyer, Julie L:  Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation

Huffmyer, Julie L:  Tenax Therapeutics

Ingersoll, Karen S:  BeHealth Solutions, LLC

Jaffee, Michael:  EnVivo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jaffee, Michael:  NeuroHabilitation, Corp.

James, Andra:  rEVO Biologics, Inc.

Johnston, Karen C:  Mayo Clinic Rochester

Jones, David:  Biogen

Jones, David:  Genzyme Corporation

Kalantarinia, Kambiz:  Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Kalantarinia, Kambiz:  Medpace, Inc.

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Kern, John A:  Neomend, Inc.

Kern, John A:  Sorin Group USA, Inc.

Kern, John A:  Thoratec Corporation

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Krupski, Tracy L:  Medpace, Inc.

Landen, Charles:  PPD Development, Inc.

Larner, James M:  Alliance Foundation Trials, LLC.

Larner, James M:  InSightec – Image Guided Treatment Ltd.

Larner, James M:  InSightec-Image Guided Treatment, Ltd.

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Madaan, Vishal:  Forest Research Institute, Inc.

Madaan, Vishal:  ICON Clinical Research, LLC

Madaan, Vishal:  INC Research, Inc.

Madaan, Vishal:  Shire Development, LLC

Madaan, Vishal:  Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Maitland, Hillary:  Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Malhotra, Rohit:  Medtronic Inc.

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Mangrum, James M:  Medtronic Inc.

Mangrum, James M:  St. Jude Medical Cardiology Division, Inc.

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Matsumoto, Alan H:  Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

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Modesitt, Susan C:  AstraZeneca

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Ragosta, Michael III:  Amgen Inc.

Ragosta, Michael III:  BIOTRONIK Inc.

Ragosta, Michael III:  Biotronik, Inc.

Ragosta, Michael III:  CardiacAssist, Inc.

Ragosta, Michael III:  Corindus, Inc.

Ragosta, Michael III:  Eli Lilly USA, LLC

Ragosta, Michael III:  InspireMD

Ragosta, Michael III:  Janssen Scientific Affairs, L.L.C.

Ragosta, Michael III:  Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

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Rahma, Osama:  Celgene Corporation

Rahma, Osama:  Merck Sharp & Dohme

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Slingluff, Craig L:  Castle Biosciences, Inc.

Slingluff, Craig L:  GlaxoSmithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

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Tiouririne, Nassima Ait-:  Fast-Track Drugs & Biologics LLC

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