VHEOC | Virginia Higher Education Opioid Consortium

Opioids are the leading cause of accidental death in the Virginia, and the opioid epidemic was declared a public health emergency in 2016. The rate of opioid-connected deaths has increased nearly five-fold since 2010.

Virginia’s universities recognize that they have a responsibility and role to play in helping communities across Virginia respond to the opioid crisis by building a statewide team of higher education investigators committed to providing responsive, timely, data-driven support to enhance the effectiveness of local community health and social programs.

Frequently Asked Questions about VHEOC

VHEOC Proposal Process

This diagram shows the proposal workflow process, for developing, ratifying and commissioning VHEOC support.

Diagram showing VHEOC proposal process

For more information: Contact VHEOC Project Manager at: VHEOC@virginia.edu.