Humphries Technician Program Information

The Thirty-First Annual Humphries Technician Program

The Humphries Technician Program began in 1990 as a JCAHPO accredited supplement to the Department’s Humphries Physician Program.  The Technician Program is hosted by the ophthalmic staff of the UVA Department of Ophthalmology and welcomes approximately 100 registrants each year. The Program is held in conjunction with the physician program.  The program is designed for all Ophthalmic Medical Personnel (OMP) including Ophthalmic Assistants, Technicians, Technologists, Photographers, Orthoptists, Nurses, and other personnel. Certification is not required to attend.

Each year lectures are designed to fit specific criteria for training Ophthalmic Medical Personnel in the newest technology and surgical techniques as well as review of core skills and knowledge. The one day program consists of 12 short lectures presented by the physicians and staff of the Department.  The Technician Program aims to offer five or more Group A JCAHPO credits and also seeks continuing education credits from OPS and AOC. A Certificate of Attendance is awarded to each participant at the end of the day.  If you will be arriving late or leaving early and will not be attending for the full day credits, we will need to take your name and email in order to send your certificate to you.  It will take about 1-2 weeks after the symposium to verify and process.  You must sign the attendance sheet and be present at the lecture to receive full credit.

JCAHPO Disclaimer:

*This course is not sponsored by JCAHPO; only reviewed and awarded continuing education credits accordingly; therefore, JCAHPO cannot predict the effectiveness of the program or assure its quality in substance and presentation.  

**Credit for a course hour will be denied to individuals who miss more than 15 minutes of that hour: (example: 30 minute lecture, you must be present for at least 22.5 minutes of the lecture to receive .5 credit / 60 minute workshop, you must be present for at least 45 minutes of the workshop to receive 1 credit).

***JCAHPO now requires a copy of the sign-in sheets.  You must sign in and be present at the lecture or workshop to receive full credit 

For further information about the Humphries Technician Program, please contact the coordinator:

Elizabeth Blough

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PLEASE NOTE: Starting in 2016 we will only be emailing information out – we will no longer be mailing Technician Program notices by post mail. Please use the best email to contact you when registering if you wish to continue to receive notices.



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