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Peter, A. Netland, MD, PhD

Dr. Peter A. Netland, MD, PhD
Vernah Scott Moyston Professor & Chair
Congenital Eye Disorder Program Clinical Director
Glaucoma Specialist

Peter Andreas Netland is professor and chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology. His research interests have focused primarily on pharmacologic effects and surgical techniques in glaucoma, and he is an active clinician caring for glaucoma patients. In addition to his recognized expertise in the clinical management and surgical treatment of glaucoma, Dr. Netland is a prolific investigator, having written 300 original scientific articles, book chapters, reviews, and published abstracts.



Robert M. Grainger, PhD

Robert M Grainger, PhD
Scientific Director

Dr. Grainger is the W. L. Lyons Brown Professor of Biology and Professor of Ophthalmology. His research interests concern how the eye is formed during embryonic development.  He uses frog embryos as a model for much of his research because of the advantages of studying externally developing embryos for understanding early development in humans. In addition, he oversees research projects on congenital eye diseases, including patients who have aniridia, which affects the gene PAX6.  PAX6 is a gene that is essential for normal eye development.




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