Virtual Curriculum Feedback

We hope that you enjoyed our virtual curriculum.  We tried to give all of you insight into the culture and training process here at UVA Ortho and introduce you to our faculty and residents through the lecture series.  Please use this form to provide us with feedback about the curriculum.  The answers are anonymous.  If you would like to email me directly, my email is

UVA Virtual Curriculum

Please use this form to provide feedback about the UVA virtual curriculum
  • Please provide a numerical score for the overall quality of the curriculum (10 - outstanding, 5 - just okay, 1 - waste of time)
  • How many lectures did you attend?
  • Which of our faculty presented the best lecture?
  • I'd like to provide feedback to our presenters. Please provide any comments that may be helpful. Did any of the faculty or residents stand out (good or bad)?
  • Eight one-hour lectures were:
  • I watched the lectures that I missed on the UVA Ortho YouTube channel.
  • The UVA Ortho Virtual Curriculum left me with
  • Is there anything that we missed or you wished that we covered more during the curriculum?
  • Please use this space to provide any other thoughts you may have about our curriculum.
  • Do you have any questions that you hope the residents cover next week at the resident forum?