Carson Publications

Eric W. Carson, MD

Author of the following articles:

The use of hamstrings for ACL reconstruction: techniques and clinical results.  Clinics In Sports Medicine 4:723-756 Oct. 1992.

Revision ACL Surgery. Clinics in Sports Medicine 18(1) 109-171 Jan 1999

Revision ACL:  Etiology & Clinical Results. Instructional  Course AAOS Vol 66 1993

Revision ACL Etiology & Clinical Results @ HSS. Journal of Knee Surgery. July 2007

Two Bundle/Tibial Inlay Anatomic PCL Reconstruction: Biomechanical Analysis.  Arthroscopy. January 2005

Clinical Orthopaedics: Multidirectional Instability of Shoulder. Williams and Wilkins Page 203-212. June 1998.

Controversy in Orthopaedic Surgery:  Sports Injuries of the Knee.  Graft Options for revision ACL reconstruction.  December 2004.

The Adult Knee: revision Surgery for ACL Ligament Injuries.
Lippincott Williams & Williams October 2001

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