Learning Objectives

Otolaryngology Service Elective

The student will work with two of the five Otolaryngology services including general otolaryngology, head & neck oncology, otology/rhinology, facial plastics/laryngology, and pediatric otolaryngology in the diagnosis & treatment of head and neck disease.  Patients include those with head and neck cancer, otologic disease, speech and hearing disorders, facial trauma, facial reconstruction, skull base tumors and sinus disease, congenital head and neck anomalies, and infections of the head & neck. The student will become familiar with head and neck anatomy as it applies to each disease process.  In addition to standard open surgical procedures, the student will be introduced to the surgical techniques of endoscopic surgery, microvascular surgery, and microscopic surgery (otologic surgery).  Students will participate in weekly Grand Rounds on Wednesdays and otology conference on Thursdays.  The student will choose two of the five services to work with, spending a week on each.