2018 UVA Pathology Match Day

Pathology Match Day 2018

On March 16th, along with medical schools and residency programs across the country, UVA Pathology gathered excitedly to celebrate our newest group of incoming residents. We are happy to introduce the 2018-2019 first year residents at UVA!



Megan Dibbern comes to us from the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. She enjoys music, cooking, travel, running, hiking, salsa dancing, and crochet projects.




Akriti Gupta is a graduate of the Katsurba Medical College Manipal and most recently has worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Department of Urology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.




Srishti Gupta graduated from Sarojini Naidu Medical College and currently works as a Research Assistant at Stanford School of Medicine in the Department of Pathology. She enjoys swimming, water sports, hiking, camping, travel, and time with her family.




Clinton Westover will be graduating from Eastern Virginia Medical School. In his free time, he likes rock climbing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, volleyball, soccer, guitar, poetry, contact juggling, camping, boxing, crabbing, and traveling.




Lena Young is graduating from Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She plays piano and viola and likes hiking, swimming, cycling, and swing and ballroom dancing.

Pathology Department Attends the CAP Policy Meeting in Washington DC

UVA Assistant Professor Dr. Anne Mills, resident Dr. Ashley Volaric, and fellow Dr. Brian Willis recently joined the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for the annual CAP Policy Meeting in Washington, D.C.  Highlights of the meeting included Keynote speeches from Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and chief political correspondent for “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd.  

The meeting culminated with “CAP on the Hill,” a day spent advocating for healthcare access.  This year’s advocacy focused on developing an appeals process when restrictions on Medicare reimbursement result in denials of reasonable and necessary tests and services.  The UVA team was joined by community pathologists from across Virginia  in meetings with the offices of Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner to discuss how our patients’ access to care is affected by current regulations.  Drs. Mills and Volaric also met with members of the Women’s Caucus to discuss how pathologists contribute to women’s healthcare issues.


CAP Policy Meeting_2 AnnMills_AshleyVolaric CAP Policy Meeting_1
CAP on the Hill, April 2017


USCAP 2017 Representation

Don Innes Pathology Summer Enrichment Program in Pathology for Rising Second Years

Margaret Moore (left) and Lisa Friedman (Right) our first summer medical student interns participating in the Don Innes Pathology Summer Enrichment program

Margaret Moore (left) and Lisa Friedman (right) our first summer medical student interns participating in the Don Innes Pathology Summer Enrichment program

In undergraduate medical education, it is sometimes difficult to gain experience in pathology until the fourth year. This delays students’ exploration of the field. The Summer Innes Internship in Pathology provides rising second year students with a unique blend of clinical skills, education, and research opportunities. We feel honored to have been the first students to participate in this internship.  The program exposed us to many of the varied domains of both clinical and anatomic pathology. We were able to work directly with residents and faculty, attend tumor boards and lectures, and start research projects. We participated in activities as diverse as blood bank rounds, autopsy reviews, brain cuttings, and cytogenetics analysis. In reviewing our summer activities, we participated in over 30 unique educational experiences in different areas of pathology. Over the summer, our knowledge of pathophysiology deepened, and we became increasingly competent and confident in reviewing cases.  Though we may not be able to diagnose all the cases that come through surgical pathology, we nonetheless feel like we have improved our clinical thinking and gained a great appreciation for the specialty.  This was a wonderful experience, and we look forward to helping shape the program for future students.

Unique online resource!

Anne Mills, M .D ., has spearheaded a new educational resource – Sound Bite Series

The Sound Bite Series is a series of short videos narrated by UVA faculty on a range of diagnostic topics. 

Visit our Educational Resources page or UVA Pathology Soundbites.

UVA-USCAP 2016 Representation

  • Chelsea Gottlieb, Emaculate Tebit, Scott Wendroth, Kristen Atkins, Tiffany Pierson, Christiana Brenin, Anne Mills. – Apocrine Carcinomas Represent a Distinct, Androgen Receptor-Positive Clinicopathologic Subset of Triple-Negative Breast Cancers
  • Akeesha Shah, Kristin La Fortune, Stacey E Mills, et al. – Sclerosing Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma with Eosinophilia: Clinicopathologic & Molecular Analysis of a Distinct Entity
  • Emily Sloan, Chris Moskaluk, Anne Mills. – Mucinous Differentiation with Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes Is a Feature of Sporadically Methylated Endometrial Carcinomas
  • Dylan Coss, Jennifer Ju, Anne Mills. – Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors are Negative for Estrogen Receptor β by Immunohistochemistry
  • Felicia Allard, J Goldsmith, G Ayata, L Brown, T Challies, R Najarian, I Nasser, H Wang, Eric Yee. – Intra- and Interobserver Variability in the Assessment of Ampullary Dysplasia
  • Rahat Bhatti – Some people from Ohio,  Alejandro Gru –  The Role of EBV in Advanced Cases of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma in Prognosis and the Immunologic (PD-1/PD-L1) Milieu
  • Keluo Yao, Weiqiang Zhao, David Cohen, Alejandro Gru, Greg Otterson, Konstantin Shilo. – Malignant Melanoma Presenting as Thoracic Midline Malignancy: Clinicopathological and Molecular Features
  • Anne Mills, Mark Stoler. – Validation of a Novel RNA ISH Assay for HR-HPV E6/7 mRNA
  • Jonathan Davick, Colleen Stockdale, James T Krone, and Megan I Samuelson. – The Prevalence of Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus in Patients with Vulvar Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Sarah Kelting, Cherie Paquette, M Smolkin, Amir Jazaeri, Megan Barrett, Mark Stoler. – Combination of Ki-67, MCM2, p16, and p53 Expression Can Distinguish High Grade Serous Carcinoma From Low Grade Serous Tumors
  • David Portnoy, Daphne Knicely, Warren K Bolton, James Cain, Helen Cathro. – ANA-Negative Renal-Limited Lupus Nephritis Is Associated with Poor Renal Outcomes
  • Emily Sloan, Beatriz Lopes, Robin LeGallo. – Autopsy Review of Neonatal Deaths by Disseminated Herpesvirus Infection
  • Beatriz Lopes, Emily Sloan, Julie Polder. – Mixed Gangliocytoma-Pituitary Adenoma: Insights on the Pathogenesis of a Rare Sellar Tumor
  • Anne Mills, Emily Sloan, Martha Thomas, Kristen Atkins, Susan Modesitt, Chris Moskaluk. – Clinicopathologic Comparison of Lynch Syndrome-Associated and “Lynch-Like” Endometrial Carcinomas Identified on Universal Screening Using Mismatch Repair Protein Immunohistochemistry
  • Jonathan Davick, Andrew Patterson, Benjamin Kaffenberger, and Alejandro Gru. – The Expression of BMP-2, Fetuin-B, and MGP in Biopsies of Calciphylaxis

Other Posters presented in 2016

  • Gildea JJ, Xu P, Felder RA. Human Stomach Cell Gastrin Inhibits Renal NHE3 and NaKATPase in Concert With the Renal D1R. American Heart Council for High Blood Pressure Research, Sept. 18, 2015.
  • Gildea JJ, Xu P, Felder RA. Characterization of a Sodium Responsive Human Sodium Bicarbonate transporter NBCe2 in Human Proximal Tubule. American Heart Council for High Blood Pressure Research, Sept. 18, 2015.
  • Lopes MB, Sloan E#, Polder J. Mixed Gangliocytoma-Pituitary Adenoma: Insights on the Pathogenesis of a Rare Sellar Tumor.  United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting, Seattle, March 2016.
  • Sloan E#, Lopes MB, LeGallo R. Autopsy Review of Neonatal Deaths by Disseminated Herpes Virus Infection. United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting, Seattle, March 2016.
  • Paeng D, Snell J, Quigg AH, Eames M, Kassell N, Xu Z, Sheehan JP, Jin C, Everstine AC, Lopes MB. Thermal dose effects by MR-guided focused ultrasound on the pig brain tissue – Preliminary results. International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound Meeting, Tel-Aviv, Israel, March 2016.
  • Mullins GR, Harrison JH, Bruns DE. Smartphones can quickly and economically monitor medical center pneumatic tube systems. 2016 Annual Meeting, American Association for Clinical Chemistry. Philadelphia, July 2016.
  • Yu M, Bowman BT, Bruns DE, Bachmann L, McPhatter L, Abdel-Rahman EM. The effect of different BCG measurement procedures on serum albumin levels in patients with ESRD on hemodialysis. American Society of Nephrology Annual Meeting, Chicago, November   2016.
  • Williams ES, Mahadevan MS, and Golden WL. The Use of Next Generation Sequencing in the Evaluation of Myeloid Neoplasms: A comparison with cytogenetics. 44th Biennial American Cytogenetics conference. Sunriver, Oregon, July 2016
  • Williams ES, Barrett MJ, Dhamija R, Toran L, Chambers C, Mahadevan MS, and Golden WL. Inheritance and phase determination in a patient with early onset Parkinson Disease and two PARK2 deletions. 44th Biennial American Cytogenetics conference. Sunriver, Oregon, July 2016