Tung Lab Research Opportunities

Kenneth Tung, M.D.

Professor of Pathology, Professor of Microbiology

Laboratory interests:

Factors responsible for immunological self tolerance and autoimmune disease development. Focus is on 1) regulatory T cell response to endogenous self antigens, and 2) mechanism of autoimmune inflammation.

Research projects:

  1. Ontogeny and accessibility of self Ag in tolerance induction.Research Photo
  2. Mechanism of immune privilege.
  3. Antigen specific natural regulatory T cells as mechanism of tolerance.
  4. Epitope spreading in autoimmune disease.

What you will learn from this rotation:

  1. Adult and neonatal experimental autoimmune diseases.
  2. Mouse immunogenetics
  3. Autoantibody detection.
  4. Antigen specific T cell detection and functional analysis.
  5. Isolation of leukocyte subsets.
  6. Flow cytometric analysis of leukocytes.
  7. Immunohistology.Research Photo
  8. Mouse surgery.
  9. Transgenic models of autoimmunity.


  • Imbalance of regulatory and effector T cell function determines autoimmune disease pathogenesis.
  • Endogenous antigens are critical in regulating tolerance and autoimmunity.
  • Propensity of neonatal mice to autoimmune response and disease.
  • Early immunological events prime individuals for late onset autoimmunity.
  • Factors that obscure the detection of target autoantigen and disease mechanism.