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Neonatology: Critical Care for Infants (NICU)

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Our NICU is the region’s most advanced neonatal intensive care unit, nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

At our 51-bed unit, on the hospital’s 7th floor, we:

  • Diagnose and treat premature and sick newborns
  • Stabilize newborns with life-threatening conditions
  • Treat infections and breathing problems
  • Coordinate infant care with surgical or other complex needs

UVA’s comprehensive Fetal Heart Program means mothers with at-risk babies can deliver in the same hospital where their little ones will receive care. Our years of experience and ongoing training prepare us to be there for you and your child.

For Patient Consultations, please call the NICU at 434-924-2335.

For Patient Referrals/Transfers, please call the UVA Transfer Center at 1-844-933-7882.

Neonatology: Critical Care for Infants (NICU)

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Before & After Birth: Care That Connects

The birth of a baby is an exciting and joyful time, but sometimes unexpected and serious complications arise during pregnancy that requires specialized care. Our OB-GYN specialists provide prenatal care for high-risk pregnancies. Our experts in maternal-fetal medicine and neonatology work closely together to give you and your baby a seamless experience and care you can trust.

After your baby is born, our NICU team helps you access Children’s Hospital specialists, while providing compassionate and family-centered care.

NICU Services