Morning Report

This list of potential topics for Resident Advocacy Morning Report is by no means exhaustive or exclusive! Pick a topic (from here or elsewhere) that really interests you or that relates to an issue you’ve encountered in your practice. It may be a topic currently in the news − locally, at the state level, or nationally − or a topic related to an issue you faced with a patient. You may also choose to talk about a state or local program and how it may help families.

Feel free to contact Dr. Diane Pappas at for help in choosing a topic or finding up-to-date information on your topic. And don’t hesitate to contact the VA AAP, the national AAP office, or the AAP Federal Affairs Office for information and assistance − they can provide a wealth of information on certain topics.

See below for some ideas:


  • America’s Promise
  • Role of COFGA
  • Role of COSGA
  • AAP advocacy resources
  • CATCH program

Abuse and Neglect

  • SARA (Sexual Assault Resource Agency)


  • Educational rights of children with ADHD


  • Drug screening of student athletes

Child Care

  • Quality Early Education and Child Care
    (see AAP State Issue Brief)

Child Development

  • Autism Early Detection and Intervention
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Early Childhood Special Education

Community Resources

  • Blue Ridge Care Connection for Children
  • Region X
  • CHIP
  • Local Health Departments
  • Parent Resource Center
  • UVA Educational Consultants
  • Charlottesville-Albemarle Emergency Food Bank
  • SARA
  • Charlottesville-Albemarle Obesity Task Force
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Headstart
  • Early Intervention
  • TANF
  • Shelter for Help in Emergency
  • WIC
  • Funding for heat/air conditioning for families in need
  • International Refugee Committee


  • Adolescent confidentiality
    (see AAP State Issue Brief)


  • IEPs
  • 504 plans
  • Headstart
  • Pre-K programs
  • Response to intervention
  • Parent Resource Center
  • Early Intervention
  • Bullying


  • Importance of voting
  • How to register/absentee ballots

Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Preparedness for Children with Special Health Care needs (see AAP committee statement)
  • Disaster Preparedness for Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • Disaster Liability (see AAP State Issue Brief)
  • Federal Disaster Preparedness Funds for State and Local Governments (see AAP
    State Issue Brief)
  • Pediatric Emergency Medical Services (see AAP State Issue Brief)
  • EMSC
  • Medical Reserve Corps
  • Emergency System for Advanced Registration of Volunteer Medical Professionals (ESAR)
  • National Disaster Medical Systems (NDMS)
  • DMAT teams
  • Strategic national stockpiles
  • State and local disaster preparedness initiatives
  • UVA disaster preparedness initiatives
  • Disaster preparedness for our clinic patients
  • Pandemic Influenza
  • National Commission on Children and Disasters (proposed in 2008 Omnibus bill)
  • Terrorism Preparedness


  • Assault Weapons Ban (see AAP State Issue Brief)

Foster Care

Health Care Reform Implementation


  • International Refugee Committee


  • AAP Immunization Alliance (started in 2008)
  • Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
  • National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC)
  • Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV)


  • Medical Liability Reform
    (see AAP State Issue Brief)
  • Retired Physician Liability
    (see AAP State Issue Brief)
    Special Health Courts

Loan Repayment

  • Resident loan repayment/deferment/forbearance

Medical Home

  • Dental home
  • Medical home
  • Mental health home

Mental Health

  • Workforce crisis
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health (See AAP State Issue Brief; AAP mental health toolkit, “Strategies for System Change in Children’s Mental Health”)
  • VA CSB network/Region X
  • In-home services
  • Bullying


  • Charlottesville-Albemarle Childhood Obesity Task Force (See AAP State Issue Brief)

Oral Health

  • Access to care
  • Fluoride varnish
  • VA Healthy Smiles Program

Public Benefits

  • Social Security Disability Benefits
  • Medicaid Waivers
  • WIC
  • Heating/cooling assistance
  • Housing supports
  • TANF

Quality Initiatives

  • Pay for Performance
  • Retail-Based Clinics


  • Second-hand smoke exposure
  • Smoking cessation

Toy Safety


  • FCC actions on behalf of children


  • Vaccine Financing
  • Vaccine supply and distribution


  • Domestic violence
  • Gang violence


  • Vision examination mandates (see AAP State Issue Brief)