Category: Children Who Remember Previous Lives

Review and Analysis of “Unsolved” Cases of the Reincarnation Type: II. Comparison of Features of Solved and Unsolved Cases

Report of an analysis and comparison of 856 solved and unsolved reincarnation cases with regard to 9 important features.

The Belief in Reincarnation Among the Igbo of Nigeria

A summary of the belief in reincarnation among the Igbo with a description of the repeater children, called ogbanjes by the Igbo people.

Characteristics of Cases of the Reincarnation Type Among the Igbo of Nigeria

A description of the principle features found in 57 cases of the reincarnation type occurring among the Igbo people. Several tables compare the incidence of the main features of the…

Indian Cases of the Reincarnation Type Two Generations Apart

Cases of the reincarnation type from the early years of this century show features closely resembling those of cases whose subjects were born after 1965.

Deception and Self-Deception in Cases of the Reincarnation Type: Seven Illustrative Cases in Asia

Detailed reports of 7 cases of the reincarnation type in Asia that seemed to be authentic at first but, on investigation, proved to be best interpreted as instances of deception…

Two Correlates of Violent Death in Cases of the Reincarnation Type

In the cases of children remembering previous lives that ended violently the interval between death of the deceased person whose life is remembered and the subject’s birth is shorter, on…

Three New Cases of the Reincarnation Type in Sri Lanka with Written Records Made before Verification

Short summaries of three recent cases of the valuable type in which the child’s statements were recorded in writing before they were verified.

A Case of the Possession Type in India with Evidence of Paranormal Knowledge

Report of a case of a woman who, after an apparent trance state, awoke claiming to be a woman, unknown to the subject and her family, who had died 2…

A Case of Severe Birth Defects Possibly Due to Cursing

Report of cases in which a child’s congenital deformities appear to be related to a curse directed toward its mother during or before her pregnancy. Three cases of this type,…