Category: Near-Death Experiences

The Phenomenology of Near-Death Experiences

Presentation of some data pertaining to 78 reports of near-death experiences studied by the authors.

Near-Death Experiences and Attempted Suicide

A discussion of the reasons near-death experiences may reduce the risk of suicide attempts.

Toward a Psychological Explanation of Near-Death Experiences

A discussion of psychological hypotheses proposed to explain near-death experiences.

Near-Death Studies, 1981-1982: A Review

A review of 43 articles on near-death experiences published in scientific journals during 1981-82

Near-Death Experiences and Personal Values

A study of changes in personal values among 89 survivors of near-death experiences.

The Near-Death Experiences Scale: Construction, Reliability, and Validity

A description of the development and validation of a standardized scale for measuring near-death experiences.

The Psychodynamics of Near-Death Experiences

A discussion of psychological mechanisms proposed to play a role in near-death experiences, and objections to and clinical usefulness of a psychological interpretation of near-death experiences.

Increase in Psychic Phenomena Following Near-Death Experience

A study of reported psychic phenomena before and after near-death experiences among 69 experiencers.

A Typology of Near-Death Experiences

A classification of near-death experiences into 3 different types based on a statistical analysis of 89 experiences.

Near-Death Experiences in India: A Preliminary Report

A study of 16 cases of persons in India who recovered from near death. The experiences among Indians differ significantly from those among Westerners.